WOD Redesign of Website And Macro System


Its look awasome… dahm its looking great thumps up from here 5/5 stars

I love the simple, clean design of the first one. Nice job!

Looking awesome beef, I like the top version also :slight_smile:
Excellent job!

Thanks to all. I am still in the process of getting them 100% But I think that it’s going to be awesome when I am completed of course working with LUIS. Thanks again.


That looks amazing!

Like Jeremy said the clean design of the first one looks amazing !

Great job


Love the look. Even though I quit wow until wod launch, I’m glad this site is still running strong

I think they both look amazing! Great job!

Nevertheles, I must say. I think I like the second one better. :slight_smile:

I created a strawpoll you can add to the first page! :slight_smile:


They both look amazing Beef. I think the first one looks a lot cleaner and less cluttered however, so that’s where my vote went.