Working 5.3 Macro?

Title says it all. I was wondering if there was a working 5.3 macro yet. I use the Survival Macro for my Hunter, which is amazing. I was looking to get into my Shammy again and hope there was or could be something.

Please and Thank You

I wonder if this one made by John in 5.1 would still work.

/castsequence [mod]Totemic Recall;reset=10 Searing Totem,null
/castsequence reset=6 Flame Shock,null
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,4,5,Stone Bulwark Totem
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,4,Feral Spirit
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,3,Earth Shock
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,2,Lava Lash
/castsequence reset=0.3 1,Stormstrike
/castsequence reset=0.3 Unleash Elements
/cast [combat]Ascendance
/cast [combat]Shamanistic Rage

then why don’t u test what u have?

[quote quote=6604]then why don’t u test what u have?

I am stuck on an airplane atm! HAHAHA the wireless internet wont allow me to log on. I will try it later and lets y’all know. Just wasn’t sure if someone had tried something yet.

all macros 5.1-present currently work, they will be updated as needed.

class mechanics
macro mechanics

above changes are reasons to rewrite/update.

this macro works very well for me.

and the one I still use for Elemental (circa 5.1) is this
/castsequence [mod]Totemic Recall;reset=20 Searing Totem,null
/castsequence reset=target/15 Flame Shock,null
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,0,Lightning Bolt
/castsequence reset=0.3 0,Elemental Blast
/castsequence reset=0.3 Lava Burst
/cast [combat]Ascendance
/cast [combat]Ancestral Guidance
/cast [combat]Spiritwalker’s Grace
/use [combat]10

glad to see it’s working still for you guys. 5.4 will bring about some changes to shamans if the PTR changes stay.


managed to optimize mine and raised my dps

/targetenemy [noharm] [dead]
/castsequence reset=0.6 0,1,Stormlash Totem
/castsequence reset=0.6 0,Lava Burst
/castsequence reset=target/25 Flame Shock,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt,Earth Shock,Lightning Bolt,Lightning Bolt
/cast Elemental Blast