Working Fire Macro with Mods

This macro works with any of the tier 100 talents.

Hold shift for Flamestrike.

Hold alt for Pyroblast.

Hold ctrl for Meteor. (If the ctrl modifier doesn’t work, it is because ctrl - macro key is already bound and needs to be unbound. Check your keybinds. Blizzard default keybinds has ctrl 1-10 bound to pet actions.)

Talents 2213133

/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/cast [combat] Combustion
/cast [mod:alt] Pyroblast
/cast [mod:shift,@cursor] Flamestrike
/cast [mod:ctrl,@cursor] Meteor
/cast Fireball
/cast Fire Blast
/cast Phoenix Flames
/cast Fireball
/cast Living Bomb
/cast Dragon’s Breath

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Thanks for macro :slight_smile:

I play a few days with this macro and it’s great
thanks dude

Ah cool. I didn’t think there was any interest in the macro so I haven’t added my new changes. Based on what I saw some mythic raiders doing, I made some talent changes and added a scorch macro to use when moving and when mob is below 30%.

My legendaries are Koralon’s Burning Touch and Marquee Bindings of the Sun King. They actually stack with the level 15 and level 100 talents and makes fire extremely powerful.

The idea behind these two macros is to use the Fireball version when the mob is above 30% and you are standing still. If the mob is below 30% or you are moving, switch to the scorch macro. It’s very simple and plays the same way as the original.

Use this macro when mob above 30%


Use this when mob hits 30% or any time you are moving (scorch is castable while moving)


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Ty for the macro’s let have a look how they run. was indeed kinda suprised why fire wasnt that populair. tried the top version… great so far. still wana check you newest

I like it. What do you have as the click speed?

I have mine at 150 ms, but I haven’t tested click speeds to see what is optimal.

the shift modified is not working for me

Check your keybinds man, blizzard has shift 1-6, up, and down bound by default. Either unbind it or pick another button for your macro.

@Triggly Turk

I logged in to tell you that I love your 2 macro combination and well done! Got me to dust off my good old mage :slight_smile: I have same leggos as you (Belt and Bracers) but I noticed I sim higher with 3-2-1-1-1-3-1 talents.

Swapped “Pyromaniac” to “Searing Touch” in 1st Tier and “Phoenix Flames” to “Flame on” from the 4th Tier.


is there any fire gse macros that has been recelty updated

can you import ur code i wanna try they way u do it