Working frost mage macro for 5.4.8

Dose anyone have an actual working frost mage macro that works, I actually follows the rotation? I’v tried the previous macro for 5.4 and cant seem to break 120k Im 530 Ilvl. can anyone help on this.

#showtooltip Frostfire Bolt
/targetenemy [noharm][dead]
/castsequence reset=combat/5 Ice Lance,Arcane Brilliance,Alchemist's Flask,Crystal of Insanity,null
/castsequence [nopet]reset=0.3 0,0,0,Summon Water Elemental
/castsequence [combat]reset=0.3 0,Frozen Orb
/castsequence reset=target/5 Living Bomb,Frostfire Bolt,Ice Lance,Frostfire Bolt,Ice Lance,Ice Lance,Frostfire Bolt,Living Bomb,Ice Lance,Frostfire Bolt,Ice Lance,Ice Lance,Frostfire Bolt,Ice Lance
/use [combat]Ice Floes
/use [combat]Icy Veins
/use [combat]Mirror Image
/run UIErrorsFrame:Clear()

keep in mind I use all of my cd spells on my own.

the real problem with Frost Mage is it has a few instant cast spells/Proc’s. so unfortunately its gonna be really hard to get a macro as good as say playing the class itself, I have a Frost Mage myself and I sooooo wish there was a single macro for everything and be as good as playing the class itself, but I have yet to be successful in making it myself.
I’m not saying someone out there doesn’t have 1 but I cant write 1 as I cant get the macro to only fire Ice Lance and Frost fire Bolt when they proc… that’s the big stumbling block… If someone reading this knows the code/command to only cast a spell when it proc’s, or Cast and then instantly cancel the cast so it doesn’t lock up or freeze it would be do-able

not sure if these are helpful but i have macros for certain procs. basic but it helps. Im typing them off the top of my mind being im not at home atm, but, will try to look when i get home tonight. might need to switch the wording around to get it to work for the procs

#showtooltip Frostfire Bolt
/cast frostfire bolt
#showtooltip Ice Lance
/cast Ice Lance
#showtooltip Deep Freeze
/cast Deep Freeze

like i said, these are off the top of my head so the wording might be a tad different and those are for those insta cast procs and will stopcasting the spell thats currently being cast and will insta cast the procs. Hope these help in some way

#showtooltip Slow Fall
/target player
/cast Slow Fall
/say WHEeeeeeeEEeeeee...