Working in Beta?

I am trying to create macros to be ready for everyone that uses mine on launch day for TWW, but GSE works oddly in the beta, where it’ll load but the window is blank and cannot be edited.

Anyone have any work arounds to get this working there or do I just need to wait until TWW goes live?

Thank you.

Yes, you do need to wait to public version hit live on prepatch / expansion day.

But if you want to test earlier the new GSE ( alpha 6 and goin strong ) join Tim’s ( addon dev ) patreon.

Donate or subscribe, the click on config ( left side of the screen ) click \more\connecte apps , and link your discord to your patreon.

You will join GSE discord ( not wlm one ) , download is in this channel


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I would suggest going back and reading War within and future of add-ons? - #9 by TimothyLuke

The current GSE will not work in TWW. It cannot be made to work in TWW. There are no backwards compatibility things that can be done or fixed that can make it work in TWW.

There is an alpha of GSE available to GSE Patrons. There is a learning curve and essentially nothing you do now will work in the new world. What is available in TWW so far seems to be working better than what we do now anyway.

Thank you. I subscribe to the Patreon and have my first paladin macros up. It’s a learning curve for sure but I got it now.

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