Working on a simple DH gse

I spent some time last night working on a GSE not using momentum, im getting close. doing pretty good damage, still working on fury management using Demon Blades vs Demon Bite. hope to have something of mine to share soon, it will be my 1st. as with the issues i have with my hands i need something.

Currently here are the talents im using in prepatch. running Vent cov. Nadjia using wowheads latest class guide as a template.


legos using are Darkglare and the Vent cov. still using sinful up time is amazing, recrafted them for mast/crit. since we scale great with mast/crit. we need to push those. you only need like 15%haste, i still have too much haste and vers cause its on gear, but once DF hits live im sure i can adjust those down. going to AnyMeans… using throw glave, i am also working on a diff lego that deals with glave damage, but sinful is still just too powerful for prepatch. once we get into DF and sinful goes away, some of that will be adjusted, but atm. this is a fun build, more for M+ but does pretty good single target dps.

I use a mouse with several buttons, by the thumb. so my major cool downs are manually controlled,
manually cast.
Eye Beam, Metamorphosis, Vengeful Retreat, The Hunt,SinfulBrand while it lasts. - and stuns.
i use felrush as a GTFO of stuff atm.

i just needed something to deal with the base rotation and not let me fury cap or starve.
the base will just be casting throw glavive, Chaos Strike, Felblade Immolation Aura. on cool down.

this is the plan. check back soon.

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Im running the same spec, venth/nadia, is your secondary stat after agility, mastery?

Can you post your profile so we can see your gearing and trinkets etc?

I find its much more useful as gear will be different in ST and AOE situations.

I’ve found the Logitech G604 mouse to be exceptional as you have 6 thumb buttons and can drag macros to it, even switching buttons through profiles for different characters in WOW. It also allows you to record macro combinations of key presses AND preserve the timing between those presses.

Myself? im running a general macro for everything except Metamorphosis, The Hunt, and I have disrupt/consume magic/arcane torrent on one macro keypress with no repeat just spam as needed.

My iLvl is 301 (tier set bonus active) and im getting 45K- 50K sustained burst damage on training dummies in Sinfall for 2 mins which drops to 35K steady, but 20-25K in most M+ situations, i dont raid much so i stick to the AOE style talent tree and trinkets.

I am close to posting the gse macro i have been using with the AnyMeans path build for pre-patch. My gear is , i have replaced a few set items with others which boost my mast up over haste.
Trinkets are : Kihra’s Adrenaline Injector and Tormented Rack Fragment i have a few others that where BIS but i picked the injector because of mast, . i keep alot of stuff , gald i never tossed anything… lol As far as cov selections, try and pick things that dont overlap with any new skills/talents. using throw glaive is a bit diff, but the bleed it spreads around is amazing, in large packs this is nice. i have seen my dps spike north of 30k super easy. seems to settel around 19-21ish some + or - 1k based on lego procs. its not a pure single target, with AnyMeans, and the 14% bump damage buff as chaos is sweet.

**************** this is a work in progress please… if you import, you will have to edit and adjust to fit your stat distribution, gear, legos. ******************************** Eyebeam and Sinful are on keybinds for my razer mouse you wont see them in the macro. *******************

its still not feeling right, I may put throw Glaive on a seperate key, as , Im thinking it takes more managment for the bleeds, and I am still having to adjust my blade dance/Chaos Strikes , I have gotten fury capped a few times and then started other times, so im still working on that. i am also playing with the speed. between 100 and 250 trying to find a sweet spot. 100 seems too fast but 200 seems to work better. like i said still working but hopefully i can get fixed. please if you import this, u can add adjust to make it work for you. Sinful brand application and eyebeam i have set on keybinds to manually cast them, i have a WA that pops when they are ready. (sound and small visual), there are tons out there. once DF hits sinful will be gone so i will prob change that a diff key./button press.


his macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.15.

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I am still playing with the macro, removed a Chaos strike added a Blade Dance. i still get fury started, but still pulling some pretty good numbers. for M+ or packs this does pretty good. ST. . is ok, not uber but the anymeans talent is . just nasty damage. and scales amazing with mast… and crit. will try and update,

I am really new to posting my own GSE so im sure its not the best but im trying to find something that i can deal with due to my limited hand mobility.