Working on it. It's a work in progress

I will be working on a cast sequence macro for fury warriors with the gnome sequencer enhanced addon. I will put it in this priority
/cast Charge
/cast Berserker Stance
/cast Blood Thirst
/cast Demoralizing Shout
/cast Battle Shout
/cast Whirlwind
/cast Sunder Armor

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gj m8 do it i waiting that :v:

And I hope to make High Performance macros for priest, I’m multiboxing a warrior, priest, mage. mage is easy just cast frostbolt over and over. priest is going to be:
/cast Vampiric Embrace
/cast Shadow Word: Pain
/cast Mind Flay
/cast Mind Flay
/cast Mind Blast
/cast Mind Flay
/cast Mind Blast

can u plz do macro for tank warrior

‘/cast battle stance’,
‘/cast charge’,
‘/cast defensive stance’,
‘/cast sunder armor’,
‘/cast heroic strike’,
‘/cast demoralizing shout’,
‘/cast battle shout’,
That’s just a rough draft