WOTLK 1 Button Macro Revivals Working Beta Version

Macro is 1 button.
Keeps Insect Swarm and MF Dot on target
Efficiently uses Eclipse Procs before they expire.

The Bad
I do not understand GSE 3 very well so there may be a more efficient way to doing this macro and taking advantage of the new options.



Talents: Wrath CLASSIC

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.00-1.

It seems to alternate between wrath and starfire without taking eclipse into account. Is there a way to make it dependent on it? I’m brand new to GSE and not sure how to modify it to do this, is there a help guide on making your own macros?

Sadly there is not.
That would be considered a bot and blizzard would take action if they found it.

The best I could achieve was to alternate, therefore I got the benefit by simple rotation of the two spells.

The other factor is haste - you would really need to adjust the number of casts to your current haste level… I use a test dummy to make sure I get the full use of Eclipse and dont clip it by casting say a Starfire when the Wrath eclipse is almost up. once I get raid gear I will rewrite and make it a bit more elegant.

you really dont even need MF, i use it zero percent in dungeons, because of the set piece being IS 10 percent more damage. Mana burn imo