[WOTLK] BM Hunter - Phase 4 - 3/17/2024



Talents: BM

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.57.

How is this for leveling? I’m an ADA player, so I need all the help rotation-wise, with a low APM. One button for all? AoE?

Its less effort to import it and check it out tbh but…
Its not for leveling. its max lv and used for raiding. there’s no separate AOE, its BM and multi-shot is built into it and you enable/disable it for fights you dont want to use it.

I dont base my specs or macros off guides, I do them all myself and was asked to share my BM macro.

I dont recommend people to use any of my macros if they dont know GSE basics, otherwise they wont perform well for you as they are tailored to me.

That being said my BM hunter is an ALT and not my main so I dont have many logs to provide as I dont play him often. here’s what i do have and IMO it performs well above expectations.

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Do you have a working Survival macro?

I only created BM as I only play as BM for hunter. I dot play surv or MM.
I tend to not play metas or spec/class of the month. I play what and how I want, the specs I want and I make it work.

That being said Hunter isnt my main, my prot pal is.
Altho its super funny to me at the shear number of rejections I get for no other reason then “hes BM lulz”

helo mate would you making a cata version for bm

yep, ill have one made first days of pre-patch and again at lv 85

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ty do you play the rouge . i was thinking of trying