WOW 6.0 Beta Build Macro Updates

Currently on the beta servers the complex macro strings (also known as scripts) are disabled for better testing of raids and PVP.

Normally Blizzard will post when certain scripts are allowed as many addons like Deadly Boss Mods and Big Wigs use these scripts in their addons.

This post and the following replies will act as a Yes | No log of when these scripts will be allowed into the game.

Build #: 18716 (08/12/14)

No complex macro strings are in. Certain spells like Kill Shot are working.

Build #: 18738 (08/19/2014)

Still no complex macro strings allowed. Build is testing mostly Dark Portal events.

Build # 18761

No complex strings yet.

Build# 18764

No changes yet.

Build # 18816

Still not working. We have about a month worth left of the time, so if Blizzard is going to put in the code for the macros it has to be soon otherwise we are going to have to re-think our macro system.

they used to do it in beta? (i dont remember mop and cata beta)
or probably blizzard is trying do disable complex macros FOREVER?!

They normally enable /scripts in the beta at an early time for addons like DBM and BigWigs. Other script tools like Skada and Recount no longer use the script option and use built in tools now so for them it’s not a big deal.

What our macros do is load a script in the background of the LUA that says to make this macro work more than just one line at a time. Its not illegal because it’s using built in code.

In 5.2 Blizzard re-did the code which is why Macro Toolkit was created. Right now it seems they have disabled the script code. Bigwigs and DBM currently don’t work with WoD either if your wondering so Blizzard needs to put this in soon otherwise, addons like DBM and BigWigs won’t work either.

Perhaps they are doing away with that and implement something else :frowning:

Certainly hope not, but we’ll know really soon… either way.

Well they did change the PVP parameters but when they decreased all the button bloat it changed the scripts around.

We should know within 2 weeks really if that code is allowed or not. When they put 6.0 on live is when we will really know.

Build # 18333

No update

Beta is now closed. PTR has begun. Nothing in the beta that hinted at macros. It’s now time to see what the PTR can do for us.

I will close this topic