WoW Armory Forums Profile Feature

I have been researching for a while and trying to figure out how to integrate an easier way to link our main characters from the WoW Armory (at least the ones we play the most) to help others in case they would like to compare talents, gear, etc.
After tinkering around and learning to mess with foreign code I found a way. I did the hard part, you guys can do the easy part. The way it works is by updating the following info in your profile once you are logged in:

Region: Select the region your server is from.

US - United States
EU - European
KO - Korean
TW - Taiwan

Realm: Type the name of the realm (Server) your character is in.

*For servers with spaces in between add a hyphen in between words, no spaces.
*For servers with apostrophes, do not put them in the name.

In example -

The Forgotten Coast --> the-forgotten-coast
Quel’dorei --> queldorei

Character Name: Well this one is easy, your character’s name as in the game from that server you type.

That’s it! After you update the info, the character profile with a link and guild will appear under your forums name and rank on your posts.

I’m already sporting mine, let us know if you need help with it.

wow, great article, thanks a lot

My servers region is US – United States. Thanx