WoW Lazy Macros Evolution 5.1

Due to the changes of the last few patches since the expansion came out, I have been contemplating to do some changes to the style of the macros. I will do my best to keep them as short and easy to follow as possible, but sometimes it is not feasible due to all these new changes to cram it into the limit of 255 characters that the macro interface offers.

So I decided to start using more macro extender add-ons, whenever a short version cannot be created and will provide a longer version when available. There are a few macro extender add-ons out there, but the one that the community recommends and I’m familiar with is Macro Toolkit, which you can find in Here is a guide that a member from the site put together to get the add-on up and running. (Link)

Also would like to thank Captivation Li for providing a method that I thought it was gone from the game, but he told us about the workarounds.

I will do my best to create and revise as many macros as I can before college starts again on this upcoming semester, because it seems it will be pretty busy again.

Thanks to all the members, couldn’t do it without you guys.

Let the macros begin!