WoW Lazy Macros New Logo!

After many weeks of thinking and many hours designing, finally got a logo! Is not easy to design sometimes and specially logos, while you might think some logos look simple and that you can come up with that idea right away, sometimes is not that easy. I tried to be simple and clean while creating the logo. There is some background of why the logo looks like this and I will try to explain them all clearly.
Why the font? That one is easy, the typeface “Courier” has been used for decades, now on my case I put it for the fun of been known as “if there’s nothing else to distinguish code, use Courier.” Why the lazy “L”? Duh, besides the self explanatory of the word “being lazy” I also tried to combine the idea with WoW and their “zzz” animation, for example like the orc peons on the horde trolls starting area. The letter “L” also looks like a funny bed and maybe we can add something later on top of it, so it can sleep comfortable. :slight_smile: The colors were chosen based on TMNT (just kidding), again more related to WoW with orc funny green colors and orange because we love legendaries right!? Well to conclude, there are also small messages in the way the words are aligned and if you play with them you can find these hidden messages. :wink:
Hope everyone is enjoying the lazy macros and stay tuned for 4.2 updates and more!