WoW / ToS / Synapse

So I’m having trouble understanding what’s allowed and not allowed when using AHK/Synapse/Macros/etc. I’ve always been a lazymacro user since MoP but I have carpal tunnel really bad in my left hand/wrist and I’ve been looking into using Synapse with my keyboard. That being said - I’m looking to have Synapse repeatedly press a macro only while I hold the key down. Is this something that will ‘fly’ with Blizz? I understand 1 press = 1 action, but where does holding the key down fall generally? Appreciate any feedback you all can give.

This has been answered to death and very recently.
Carpal tunnel doesn’t stop you being able to use the search function.

Anyway, synapse/AHK/punchkey are all fine to hold down as long as it does 1 function which is to repeatedly press 1 key while its held down. That’s absolutely fine… for now. It’s up to Blizzard in the future if they wish to change their stance on that.