wrong rotations,

Hello all. I open this topic to talk about a general problem of any macros here on the forum.

in this case I take the hunter example mm which is also my main class, unfortunately the rotations that I could try all have a huge problem, and that is not properly nrispettare the proc etc of spell: speaking for example of the base roatazione mm should be the following

Chimera shot-steady shot, and the proc 60 AA talent,aimed shot, due to the reduced cost given by the talent. Here is the problem the Rotations it acts only in the sequence, it would be nice to see a new gm sequence with proc etc


Some of them do proc and even if you make a sequence exactly how it is suppose to fire off for all procs, you are still not guaranteed to get it unless you do not use a sequence and you manually do your rotation, which in this case you are also not guaranteed to get it. I will try and make one more tuned towards proc and rotation but for now most of all my macros are styled for max dps/rotation firing off when you do get a proc, and ease of use for some people who do not have the ability to use both hands. There made for the General Spec. I would love to work with you on making one that is down to the proc point for all, but like I said I do not really have that much time working 14 hour days, and putting up macros for almost all 10 toons + different specs. Thank you very much for this post, and as I do not disagree with you it (in my opinion) is really really hard to do, based on Lag, FPS, World lag etc etc. But I would like to help if you would like any assistance in doing so.

Thank you,

*** The above of corse as always is completely just my opinion on the matter :slight_smile: