WTB Single/Aoe Gladiator Warrior Macro, NOT GNOME

I am so tired of trying to get gnome to work. sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt. yes yes i have watched the videos and i have also read the reviews.


gnome is love, gnome is life.
You get so much more control out of gnome and can make much better, more intricate macros with it that its silly to be stubborn and not learn how to use it.

gnome sucks if you don´t want to play in an english interface

Try this Prot / Gladiator Swap Macro.

I´m playing with the german language and using gnome. I think your problem is that some spells doesnt work if u rename it into german spellnames?
The trick is to use NOTEPAD++ (you can find it via google) - dont use ur WINDOWS Program to config the Gnome file - this doesnt work. Just use notepad to edit your file and you will be happy.

Greetings! Long time listener; first time caller. I’ve been utilizing the Discipline Priest macros and Prot Macros for a while now, and I wanted to express my gratitude and appreciation for everybody’s hard work, however, I have watched every tutorial video I possibly can, edited countless lines of code, and renamed files until my eyes bled. I am still unable to convince Gnome Sequencer to work for me.

Does anybody create macros for Macro Toolkit anymore? I know I can’t be alone in this. I’m looking for a one-button for Gladiator Stance, which is why I’m posting in this thread. Thanks, in advance.

done it same m8 and doesnt work…

Here you go and hope you all enjoy! :smiley:

Link: - YouTube