Xer-havoc 8.3 bfa

I just typed it in manually and it seemed to work! I think this is defo the way to go about these macros - tuning it like you did to your own sims. Mine works (marginally) better for my sims - but yours also gets me close too! Lovely jubbly!

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Im often Fury caped, maybe add some Chaos Strikes? Seems a bit low of use.
Where should i add some Chaos Strikes?

Difficult to know - as I’ve said in previous posts - it’s likely that everyone will have to tailor all macros to suit their sims, latencies and play-styles. The best thing to do is just add in a line with Chaos Strike in it somewhere, test it and repeat. This may optimise it for your individual circumstances - as I don’t find myself Fury capped too often, if at all. :slight_smile:

A good place, MAY be after the 2nd Blade Dance, before Chaos Nova? Let me know how you get on - or if you find a better insertion point!

Hey Xer, I like the macro finally able to test it today, it meets my sim to a T; only change I made was I found myself fury capped every so often not by much so I made a 2nd macro that just spends fury on blade dance if its off CD and choas strike as a fury dump, great job :slight_smile:
Talents 1332211

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.1.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Chaos Strike

KeyRelease: Blade Dance, Chaos Strike

@adrian-morris Are you activating both macros at the same time or? stop original and turn this one on? I have little issue with fury cap but does sometimes pop up - doing almost 88% of sim but you mentioned to the T - can you provide some pics please?

Have to admit this is the best one for havoc I have tried so far

I have my fury cap macro on a kind of modifier, so I run this at the same time, example; my Razer Naga spams 3 which is allocated to xer’s macro at 10ms and I have my macro set to shift 3, I also use eye beam and heart essence manually on ctrl and alt modifiers.

I am unable to screenshot anything right now as I work remotely and won’t be infront of my pc for another week.

But some things to check are;
(May sound silly but you’d be surprised just how many people don’t check this)

Are you simming yourself correctly unbuffed with dummy as attack target?

Are you letting the macro do everything? you need to manually collect soul fragments and time yourself accordingly so dump your fury before collecting to stop yourself from over capping and completely wasting them. (Take care when blade dancing as you can accidentally collect frags this way too)
I use my fury cap macro as soon as I see blade dance is off CD because sometimes it will be delayed as the macro with be choas striking instead.

What azerite traits and essences are you using? These can be very RNG and not always line up real world with how you SIM because a SIM is always perfect world procs.

Hopefully this helps I can check when I am home next week

Thanks for the reply!

I got the macro at 20ms and I as well have Eye Beam, Meta and Essence on Manual or Ctrl/Alt.

The sim is with agi and vers pots and its giving me 90% of the target dummy sim for 4 minutes (49k vs 53k)

I do go for the soul fragments when I need them but make sure i am below 60 fury usually before collecting; they do reduce my eye beam CD as well so I try to collect. I let Macro do everything except as above Eye beam/Meta and Essence (Usually Iris for M+)

Again usually I gear/essence best for M+ and as above its giving me 90% of DPS of sim in real with pots. I noticed it does less casts/dmg for blade dance + Chaos strike and their meta phases. Thats the 10% Difference but still excellent imo.

I have tried all the macros here and this is by far the best out there for me.As stated though not every macro works the same for everyone.Big thanks to the creator