Xer-havoc 8.3 bfa

Hello everyone! Here is my current macro for 8.3 Havoc Demon Hunter

Some things:

  1. Not all macros will work well for you. They may require fine tuning. They may not suit your playstyle. This macro, I’m sure, can be improved - I’d love to hear constructive suggestions for how to do that!

  2. The talents used in this macro require you to be fairly mobile in how you play - to get Lesser Soul Fragments

  3. You should read about your spec on www.Icy-Veins.com regardless of whatever macro you use

  4. There is NO point in using this macro without a mouse/keyboard that can accomodate a ‘macro-key’-like spam, or use AHK installed on your computer. Simply spamming the key with your finger, on repeat, will not produce good enough results for you.*

  5. You should sim you character to see what the technical-best DPS you can achieve is before looking at how to improve your DPS via the macro - it may be a simple gear, talent or Azerite trait issue. You should try to Sim your character on Target Dummy settings and do it over a reasonable fight length, using a tool like ‘Simulate’ on AskMrRobot, or QuickSim on RaidBots → Raidbots - Optimize Your WoW Characters

  6. You should try to incorporate Fel Rush ability into your playstyle as it does give a modicum of DPS, especially for AOE. This is not in the macro.

  7. Turn the trinkets OFF in the macro if you want to use them manually - otherwise it will just fire them on cooldown.

  8. Use Blur manually - there’s little point in having it contained within the macro except on modifier, as it can trigger a Global Cooldown.

  9. As you will see from the posts below, people fine-tune the macros by adding in lines or changes based on spells that their individual simulations have shown need to be used more. A simple way to do this, is change ONE THING at a time - and trial it out on a Target dummy - usually over 3-5 mins (adjust your sim time appropriately). This may result in higher DPS for you individually.

  10. Don’t automatically soak up your Lesser Soul Fragments - ensure you’re actually depleted in Fury resource prior to moving to get the Fury resource.

  11. If you’re finding it’s triggering too much of a global cooldown issue every fight - you could remove Chaos Nova from the macro - but it shouldn’t - and may gain you a marginal DPS Increase - especially on AOE.

Having tried a number of good macros, I found that reliability was a key problem. Over a series of target dummy sessions - DPS could vary somewhat, despite the same CDs and rotations used. I have optimised this macro to use a priority order for spells based off my own sims - but they should be fairly generic.

I have used Felblade talent rotation macros and found them to be too variable. For my playstyle, I like spawning the lesser soul fragments also. Your gear may produce better results with the Felblade talent and a different macro.

MS = 33ms (I use my latency as the MS for any software that may spam the key for you)
iLVL = 447 equipped - with two good (N) Ny’alotha Trinkets. Fully gemmed and enchanted.
Talents = 2311211
Essence of the Focusing Iris → Breath of the Dying → Condensed Life Force

Currently this gives me about 39K overall DPS in a Mythic 7 (8.3) Freehold - with insane burst AOE due to my essence choice and Trinkets. Harlan Sweete was about 39K DPS with food buff and in party.

Simmed DPS over 300s on Target Dummy = 34,900
Actual DPS over 300s on Target Dummy = 33,300
Deficit = 1.6K (likely due to user input) - such as delays on metamorphosis and Azerite beam

No food, potions, flasks or any consumables used for the dummy test.

I’d love to hear feedback and thoughts for improvements. Comments such as ‘too much X’ aren’t likely to help - because they don’t address the root cause of the problem, which is tweaking the macro to make it optimal - we’re not playing manually.

PS - Darkness is on Shift. Potion is on Ctrl. Blur is on Alt.

LATEST = 3/2/20 - you can see post edit history for previous renditions.

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Look at your latency and set your MS macro speed to that

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.2.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

KeyPress: Darkness, Blur

Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Chaos Nova, Eye Beam, Immolation Aura, Demon’s Bite, Chaos Strike

KeyRelease: Immolation Aura, Chaos Nova

Post Macro: Immolation Aura, Chaos Nova

*Please do not ask how to set up AHK or software to spam the macro, or “where do I type in the MS?”-style questions - it’s covered elsewhere on the forum.

Let me know how you get on!


454 ilvl / 29% crit / 21% haste / 38% mastery / 6 % versa ( low, i know )

3 x furious gaze / thirsting blades / 2 x revolving blades / heed my call.

Vision of P / conflict and strife and spark of inspiration

Fully enchanted, gem’d and food and flask.

5 min dps target dummy ( latency 10-11 ) 35 ms : 26.9 k 15ms: 29.1 k ( note, this is without meta ).

Sim’d 41.7 k.

Tried Pacmans ; 5 min target dummy 24.9 k. So im sure it must be me, but what am i missing then.

And why not talk about ms or ahk, it makes or breaks a macro. As u say, manually spamming wont give u max dps. So its always nice to know what ms or ahk people use in comparison to theyre latency.

Absolutely! Discuss AHK or MS! I just mean don’t ask the OP about how to set up software like AHK or peripherals :joy: I see that a lot in other posts… “where do I type in the MS?” - there’s lovely topics already dedicated to it without having to explain it all :slight_smile:

I actually always like to hear was MS other people are at too! :slight_smile:

Yeh… That doesn’t seem right at all… My stats are… 31% Crit, 18% Haste, 33% Mastery and 7% Versatility

  1. Does your sim not include metamorphosis being used? Mine does.
  2. I use AskMrRobot to optimise the ‘best in bags’ - might be worth a go to see if it can find improvements for your traits etc?
  3. Do your trinkets trigger as per the sim?

Even if 1-3 = done, it shouldn’t account for it being almost HALF the sim!! Bizarre…

Update: I’m getting a solid 31K on the DPS dummy when I don’t use Metamorphosis - in a 5min period. So it seems Metamorphosis aside from accounting for burst damage - contributes about 2K-DPS over this time. I also don’t use the Vision of Perfection…

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Great macro!!! Is it possible to make one with felblade?

Great marco, ilvl 445 doing 35k+

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Great tip about matching Macro to Latency! Never thought of that! Will test this out later.

Does the 3rd essence make a huge difference? almost have neck @ 75 but wondering if i should wait till i have it.


Absolutely. The felblade macro might work better for you! Check out Elf’s macro in the DH havoc section - it’s Felblade talented I think. I modded and tried it with mine but it did less than my one above.

The three essences will see a DPS incr but they are passive abilities when minor; so shouldn’t matter to the macro much :slight_smile:

Fab! Just out of interest what traits and essences are you running? Also what is the 35k on? Target dummy or dungeons or raids? Buffed? Not that it matters just interested in a standardised approach at looking at DPS figures for the macro! :slight_smile:

i would not use AMR(AskMrRobot)! simming ur characther is the best u can do and when it sims ur characther it sims ur abilities aswell including meta

AMR website also has simulation as an extra feature. I’ve found it to be pretty reliable for optimising gear combos as well as Sim. Why? Have you had problems with it?

never liked it legion and wod was really horrible prefer simming way more accurate

You can do both on it. Do u mean you prefer Raidbots?

Screenshots plz or it didnt happen.

-What is your latency and ms do you use it on?
-Time on dummy ? I mean in 1.30 min i do 54 k but in 5 min total 34 k.
-Meta or not?
-What neck essences and azerite traits. % haste , versa , mastery and crit?
-What Enchants?
-Used food and flask on test?
-What do you sim at Quick Sim - Raidbots

Analizing sim all morning now and after adding priority to demon’s bite and blade dance im up from
31 k to 34 k as 456 on a 5 min dummy test. Burst to 53 k and then dropping slowly. using Focussed az beam off cd and meta twice.

After my edit this is as close as i can get to sim results, and with results i mean the priority on attacks used, not the dps. since i sim at 48 k and do 34. Thats 70% of sim’d dps, so it improved over 7% and might be max comparing the screenshot.


My canon ball trinket is not counted in the dummy test. looking at the sim it accounts for 4% so i guess im at 75% of sim now. Still can use a bit more chaos strikes instead of demons bite.


Without the edit im at 63 % so i love to hear what you use and sim at.

Did u sim patchwerk or Target dummy?


Thanks ! Thats what i did wrong…!

Sim on target dummy is 40.8 k. So i guess with my edit im maxed out now.

83.3 % + the 4,7 % from canon ball is 88%. Wont get any better then that i think but thats good.

Sounds good! Glad you got sorted. When you say you added priority on Blade Dance and Demon’s Bite - how do you mean? With my macro, or another one? How did you change it up? :slight_smile:

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with yours.

I just added 1 of both - Blade dance and demon’s bite line on different area’s.

Checked sim results and ran 5 min dummy tests to see if the endresult was close to sim.

Changed it around so it used it at the right time, the placement ofc is different for everyone considering latency and macro speed.

it just showed those 2 where not used enough.

Think i added a beam line as well to get higher priority. Dont even know if it works like that but the result was 87% of sim so im cool :slight_smile:

I still think i can improve but its ok for me now. still want to add throw glaive.

Thanks to your macro :slight_smile:

This is the part in my sequenceb box now, running it at 20 ms with 10-11 latency.

/cast [nochanneling] Eye Beam
/cast [nochanneling,combat] Blade Dance
/cast [nochanneling] Demon’s Bite
/cast [nochanneling] Immolation Aura
/cast [nochanneling,combat] Blade Dance
/cast [nochanneling,combat] Blade Dance
/cast [nochanneling] Eye Beam
/cast [nochanneling] Chaos Nova
/cast [nochanneling] Chaos Strike
/castsequence [nochanneling,combat] Demon’s Bite, Demon’s Bite
/cast [nochanneling,combat] Blade Dance
/cast [nochanneling] Eye Beam
/castsequence [nochanneling] Chaos Strike, Chaos Strike
/cast [nochanneling,combat] Blade Dance
/cast [nochanneling] Eye Beam

Fantastic! For some reason however, when I copy and paste that into my sequence to test - it won’t recognise the Demon’s Bite! It ‘whites’ them or ‘reds’ them out… Eg

Really would love to see how this performs… wonder why it’s doing that…

No idea bro, all good here. Maybe someone else can shed a light on that, never had that happen :frowning:

Just add the lines into your already existing macro and that should work.