Xinterp's 10.1 Physical Enhancement Shaman


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I run this @42ms.

Doom Winds, Lightning Bolt, and Chain Lightning will all need to be ran on your bar to use as needed, depending on the situation. You will also need Windfury Totem and Elemental Blast on your bar for the Single Target (ST) build.

Flame Shock is Mod Ctrl.
Stormstrike is Mod Alt and will be cast at your feet, not the cursor for the Single Target Build. (For better priority uptime)
Capacitor Totem is Mod Alt and will be cast at your feet, not the cursor for the AoE Build. (For utility)


Weakauras that I use for these Macros (Click for link to WAGO.IO).



(Click the image to see the WA in action)
(These have changed, be aware what you see in the image does not reflect the current WA in the link.)

XINENH(ST-P) - Talents Used

I am currently running a “High Sim” build and average around 76k DPS at 427 Item Level.
This is a Pizza or French Fry build. You either Pizza down the hill (Slow and low DPS) or you French Fry (Fast with high DPS). Due to the RNG nature of the build, we cannot change this.
I do have the 4p bonus for the new set.

For a direct link to the build on Wowhead Click Here.

Macro - XINENH(ST-P)


This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.

XINENH(AOE-P) - Talents Used

I am currently running a “High Sim” build and average around 70k DPS at 427 Item Level.
Burst AoE situations run between 150k-350k (Depending on pack size.)
I do have the 4p bonus for the new set.

For a direct link to the build on Wowhead Click Here.



This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.37.


6/30/2021 - Updated for GSE 3.0 and WoW 9.1
7/4/2021 - Changed text to reflect “Flame Shock is Mod Ctrl.” instead of “Flame Shock is Mod Alt.”

6/12/2023 - Updated for GSE 3.0 and WoW 10.1
6/12/2023 - Changed previous settings and ported over a version that works well on my Enhancement Shaman. Hope you all enjoy.

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This macro is what I would consider a “Final Version”. I am unable to optimize this further with GSE. Only direct user inputs will provide a better outcome.

Please note, I will likely not be checking this topic too often. If you have questions, please reach out to me on Discord - Xinterp

About to test these out in some M+. Which build would you suggest for that? Just cause you cant really swap between the two like in raid.

Secondly, (sorry just made my shammy) this is a storm build correct, so haste>mastery or stick with mastery>=haste

AoE. Your ST damage in AoE is going to be usually enough to make the difference.

Haste > Mastery > Crit > Vers for both.

I switch between the two in raid without issues depending on the fight. Some fights require more AoE, some require light cleave/ST. Pick and choose.

Hmm. My ST is about 15k under sims. I am using LB on 5 maelstrom, but its about 10-15 less than sims, same with stormstrike. I am a fresh 70, about 406 ilvl, 0 tier. So that may be the issue. Would you suggest Ele or Phy overall? I ask cause my mastery is 53% and haste is 22%

Again, build either Pizza’s or French Fries. You either Zug, or bust.

Lots of people are using the previous tier (HC or Mythic) for stability in single target, but are using current tier in M+.

Never spend maelstrom sub 9. The higher you spend, the more damage ramp you get, ideally you want to be at 10 stacks each spend phase. Only drop 5’s on EB in ST build. Everything else should be 10’s unless you’re blasting CL for filler with 4p.

Your bread and butter is Stormstrike. Get Stormstrike off cooldown. That’s the goal of the build. Let those stacks build up. Hold Maelstrom until Stormstrike is on CD if you’re at 10 stacks. Should be pretty regularly and consistently. When SS Procs happen, if you’re capped, either use an EB or let em happen. 3+ mobs, on 10 stacks, your choice to SS or CL.