XoDonZi's Super Shadow Priest 10.2.6 **UPDATED** 4/6/24

*UPDATED i found a little clipping issue and not casting mind spike correctly in insanity when in raids and ST. That is fixed. tweaked the same clipping for Mindflay insanity and noticed a small increase of dps overall for m+ and Aoe.

I have noticed that a few other SP rotations have been updated since i posted this and are now using my rotation. Please give credit when its not your work, even if its not me. I dont mind sharing everything but we are a team not pirates and i spent over 25 hours working this one out.***

Hey everyone, I have been working on a shadow priest for some time and lets be honest. Shadow Priest are a pain in the butt to macro correctly. BUT i think i got it worked out for now. I took total inspiration from @Elfyau and rotation wisdom from @Sethadon. Using that I squeaked out a more consistent rotation and uptime of dots, for me 95% of the time. I sim’d with my pathetic gear and made the sim three out of five times with in 10% and got with in 17% the other two. This tells me there is outside factors like CD’s and insanity starting points that played a part in is. Otherwise i am really happy with it.

So what we ended up with is a single macro based of Elfs setup. Two different talent builds based on Archons Meta setup. 1 for ST/Raids and 2. for M+

Though the rotation will be set up the same as I put “known” modifiers in the rotation to cast the talent changes when you switch from M+ and everything else.

My mods are simple

Alt: flash heal on mouse over. Feel free to change this to what ever suits your play style.

Shift: Shadow Crash. first of all when you are spec’d Void Eruption this is the goto spell for ramp up, so its important to be on a timing situation rather just cast randomly. When you are not specd for Eruption it will be your main AOE. Cast it when you start and whenever it comes off CD. Also the 4Pc makes this cast enormous.

Also I figured out how to keep casting on the run and the instant spells cast and Shadow Word: Pain will stay up until you stop again and it resumes rotation.

All major CDs and defensives are on my task bar so they can be used as needed. Also in the M+ rotation. I saw so much dps loss using Mind Flay but i also saw a starvation of insanity not using it. So i set it up to trigger only on Mind flay: Insanity and that solved the hunger from Devouring Plague and also didn’t loose much Dps when using it. So i say that’s a win. I also only have a 2pc so with 4 it should go up a big chunk because of the power behind the procs. Enjoy my work and let me know how you like it.

Here are the macros and the talents.


Usage Information

Made @200ms
SHIFT:- For Shadow Crash @cursor
ALT:- flash heal mouse over

This macro contains 2 macro templates. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.65.

  • Raids use template 1
  • Normal Dungeons use template 2
  • Heroic Dungeons use template 2
  • Mythic Dungeons use template 2
  • Timewalking Dungeons use template 2
  • Mythic+ Dungeons use template 2






Yo, started with this today, I like this setup a lot. I will try and report back more info.

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thanks, yah let me know what you think. its working great for me.

So yeah, pushing keys with this today. Thanks for your hard work! It’s working well.

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i have found a hickup with mindflay that im working out during insanity so i will be tweaking that soon enough. let me know where you see any lag or rotational issues as you progress in mythics. I havent tested but a +5 twice so i dont know how it will fair at higher keys just yet.

I made a few small adjustments to the rotation and think i solved the clipping and also got the macro to match the sims 4 out of 5 times. I think you will like the adjustments.


Love you macro bro. I just went for main Shadow because of the macro, doing 450 almost 500k damage with 476 toon, amazing work thank you so much to make it possible.

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im glad you like it. its a labor of love and it wouldn’t be possible without others testing and feedback.

Love the Macro.

Only switched halo for divine star, but its wonderful.


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keep going

only thing i added was mods for void torrent and when mind flay insanity procs

Getting a Lua Error , but only with template 2
Was tied to some talent swaps for Halo VS divine star. fixed via Mr Timothy Luke’s response to this post [BUG] Lua Error · Issue #1415 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

was also getting channel cast interruptions with mind flay insanity with void bolts, added [nochanneling] to the key release to avoid interruptions, seems to have fixed it.

Ilvl : 483 with prev season 4 set. 392k on cleave dummies after 5 minutes.
cant wait to see how this hits with new 4 set and some of this seasons gear.

macro running at 66-78ms random input via ICUE ( I know this is risky speed, don’t recommend running it this fast.) MC Click Rate in GSE set to 15 and OOC Queue Delay 7

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anyone using this is season 4? how is the dps only want to use for mythic plus

ilvl 482 only getting 105k on raid dummy. what should i be expecting?
quicksim says i should be doing 201k

whoever said they are doing 500k is lying lol

i am having trouble were any of the insanity spell wont work