Yet another BM PVE Macro for BFA =)

[Original post deleted.] I’ve been running with something else and have mostly orange parses with it:

hi cant import the middle macro for some reason so far its looking like this could be a good macro

Hi vannhellsing,

Thank you for trying out this macro. Just to be clear on the issue you described, I wanted to double-check that you weren’t trying to import the middle “macro” into GSE b/c it’s actually a Weak Aura string.

If you were having issues importing it into /wa, I’ll look into that tonight (as I’m currently at work) and will reply back. As of last night, however, it was working fine for me in pre-patch. So, I hope nothing broke overnight =)

lol stupid me i tryed to put it into gse ill try it out tomorrow when i get back from work and let you know

i just read it again and it was my mistake like i said ill try it out later thanks for you help and ill get back to you on the macro at the moment its working fine


Whats the best MS to set this at?

I’m still experimenting with the ideal ms speed. I’d suggest running it at 75ms for starters to see how your focus spending feels at that speed. And then you can experiment from there as I still haven’t figured out the ideal speed for it yet. While I would imagine that faster ms will yield better DPS (more CS fillers cast), I haven’t found the proper balance between that and getting focus starved too fast by iterating thru the macro loop too quickly.

hello, thanks for sharing your macro here on the forum.
I tried it, but at least for me it does not seem to work well slow in general, for example I play with a mouse with 12 side keys, by pressing the key for the macro.
is it right this way or should it be set in another way I wonder?

If you’ve been trying to manually press keys to cycle thru this macro, it’s going to feel awfully slow and will perform quite poorly as well. Just to be clear on this point: this macro was only written to be used with an auto script at sub-100ms speeds.

That said, if you’ve been running an autoscript and it still somehow feels slow to you … please let me know what speed you’ve been running it. And if you could give me an idea about its performance (i.e., what you sim vs what you parse), that would be super helpful as well =)

ok then I have to ask you could make a version where you do not use automatic and press instead ltasto manuely burst? it’s possible?

Nope. Sorry.