Zen Sphere

Hi Guys,
Zen Sphere is the highest single target and multi target ability in the Tier if used properly. Only hang up is it can be difficult to use.

I’m new to this site and haven’t been home to play with the GS addon yet. I however do use my Razer Naga mouses software to do stuff similar to this. I’m going to let you all in on how to macro Zen Sphere for ease of use.

Right now I have the 1 button on my mouse spam 4 different buttons, [[[[[]]]]]\\\1 in that order with a custom delay of .014 seconds. These are my “Builder” Buttons. They Build Chi, use my Energy Brew and manage my Tiger Palm for me. The First button it spams ([) is a cast sequence:

/castsequence [talent:2/2,@focus,exists] reset=combat Zen Sphere,Expel Harm,Expel Harm
(There is more to this macro ingame depending on what talents I am using and if I have a focus target)

This castsequence is bound to ‘[’ on my hotbars. As I said before it gets spammed 5 times. Then it spams (]) 5 times which is the following castsequence:

/castsequence [talent:2/2] reset=combat Expel Harm,Zen Sphere,Expel Harm

So as you can see the first two spammed buttons in this macro does a few things. 1) It puts Zen Sphere on my focus target (Usually Tank) then 2) Uses Expel Harm (EH has a 15 second CD so I use it as a sort of ability to keep Zen Sphere from over writing anything.). 3) Since EH was used the next thing to come off CD is Zen Sphere again. But since the first Castsequence is tied up with an Expel Harm it can’t progress… forcing the next Castsequence to put a Zen Sphere on yourself.

After all of that, Expel Harm gets used again (Progresses both castsequence when it is used). And both Cast Sequences are basically reset at this point.

The third castsequence manages my Tiger Palm Buff and Energizing Brew:

/castsequence [can’t remember what conditional I had here atm] reset=combat Tiger Palm, Expel Harm, Jab, Energizing Brew

Now Tiger Palm has a 30 second duration. With Expel harm having a 15 second CD it, along with the Jab, ensure that it only gets refreshed once every 18 seconds at the most. Usually when i’m playing it only gets refreshed almost as soon as it falls off. This is due to other things taking place. Works out great.

Ok so far this ‘1’ button on my mouse manages Zen Sphere near flawlessly as well as keeping my Tiger Palm buff up for me.

The actual ‘1’ button on my hotbar is Jab. This button only gets used when the other three castsequences are tied up due to abilities being on CD. Its basically the filler to keep Chi up and Energy down.

Now Once I get to playing with GS I’ll see if I cant compile all of this into a nice macro for ease of use.

My “Dump” button is simply ‘2’ on my mouse and that button is a macro that spams the (’) key 9 times then ‘2’ one time with a delay of .014 seconds. On the (’) key on my hotbars in game I have Rising Sun Kick on it (RSK) and on the ‘2’ key on my hotbars I have Blackout kick.

So when I press ‘2’ It RSKs if its Avail and if not it blackout kicks or ChiExplosion if used.

I macro:
/cast Tiger Brew
/cast !Fist of Fury

to a separate button. I don’t use Tiger Brew any other time. I don’t even track it. On my opener I use up all of my abilities I can, basically wait till Tiger Palm and RSK buff are rolling, have 3 Chi and am Energy Starved before I use my first Fist of Fury. Then after that I use FoF on CD.

For the most part I only press 3 buttons the entire fight. Only thing you have to monitor is your Chi. Build chi till you are capped then dump, build, dump, build, dump.

Legion WW will be much simpler to manage this way.