Zerg BM Hunter - Mythic+ and Raid [11.02.2023 ] YouTube

Works awesome! Lovin’ it!

Updating the talent loadouts for current:

Single Talent Loadout


M+ Talent Loadout


Correction on ST

I digress thank you. Have a great day!

7+7= 14
15+15= 30


I digress thank you. Have a great day!

I do have the “software”. I’ve been using the “software” for years.

I used simple, basic math and watched a video on YouTube to help me along. Don’t ask me which video because it was a loooong time ago.

Why does there always seem to be a smart ass answer to simple questions lately? Would it be possible to just answer the question without sarcasm?

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There was zero sarcasm implied.

And I did answer the question…

I digress thank you. Have a great day!

If your looking to compare stats with Zërg@Burning Legion etc:

Zërg@Burning Legion - Armory
Zërg@Burning Legion - Warcraft Logs

Logs are not always what they appear to be - a MAJOR factor is the time of the kill/Instance completion. Its better to look at your numbers(Spell%-Aura%) in Details and see how close they are to what Simcraft says the should be. If your numbers are close the rest will come with solid time on target and speed of kills/Instance completion