Zerg Survival Hunter - Mythic+ / Raid / PvP [10.02.2023] YouTube video

Edited the macro any? Mongoose bite in the macro isnt even supposed to fire to that extent.
In comparison, I did a 10 million damage parse to what I sim via raid bots. Only change I did to the macro was disable coordinated assault.

I seem to be having an issue where the keybind of the macro doesn’t work and the only way I can get it to begin is right clicking? Any idea why or how to fix it?

Do you also have the problem that the next target is automatically focused? Very annoying in some situations…

Awesome Macro. Ilvl 360 is very nice for me. Thanks

I lost count on how many times Flanking Strike put me in danger (when included in macros), and I forgot to use it (if not). It’s damage is roughly the same as Mongoose Bite, Kill shot is even more and it’s ranged (I’d pick up always Coordinated assault in most content).
That, Spearhead and Coordinated assault are ‘charging’ skills, the latter I’d use outside of macros when needed, but FS would be amazing if it was only the pet charging in to the target (with another name but similar effects).
Also, in M+ the ‘Lunge’ talent works wonders, making your melees hit from farther than pretty much most other melee, so you can still hit the targets outside of danger zones, that, and/or aspect of eagle. Unless you have your closed groups for M+. If you do any pug, there will be some groups without ranged.

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