Zone Specific Macros?

Hey I know there is some way to make zone specific macros because there’s an addon that can do it but can anyone explain how to do macros where the zone is a modifier? I want to make a macro to use my battle standard in AV but when I’m not in a battleground I want it to do something else like drop a feast. Thanks!

Hello C, I believe it was possible to do this before 2.0 to cast spells or items with a script. The addon probably is working as a filter to be able to do this task.

Unfortunately I believe it is not possible to do it as a plain macro. But here is a close I believe it can get.

/cast [combat] Battle Standard; [nocombat] Feast

Don’t forget to change the names for the right items.

Basically if you are in combat it will cast a Battle Standard of your choice and if you are not in combat then it will cast the Feast that you have specified.