ZsoccA Fury Warrior (Destroy Everything) [10.0.5] 2023.03.09


First you need to know!
I am a beginner in macro writing but im rly love it.
Here is my Fury Warrior macro. This is a AIO macro with using CDs.
Im using the macro with 70ms. But if you want you can try different speed.



Update: 2023.02.11. - Improve Rampage timing
Update: 2023.02.19. - Improve Execute timing
Update: 2023.03.09. - Changed to All in One version

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hi, when trying importing the talents, wow notice they are out of date.

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updated! ty the feedback!

My compliments, very very good macro, one of the best i have tried in terms of damage output. Any chance to get an aoe version or something optimized for m+?

im changed my post. now you can use the all in one version with aoe

talents is also changed

thanks a lot!! it fires good, for some reasons i can’t pass 20/25k of dps in m+ but i think there is something i must optimise in equip, awesome work!!

really enjoying your macro, i feel the need of more frequent execution casts, that is because with 4 pieces of set and the talent it is free most of the time…what do u suggest? i simply add another action with anoter execute? Or do u have some better ideas? Thanks!

Tnx for the hard work on doing the macro, I ask, would you be so kind as to put in the thread a display of the talents plz? That would be most kind of you to do so.