Zydor's Havoc 8.3

Here’s the Havoc macro I use. I’ve tried multiple macros and this one works best for me. It’s a mod macro, so you have to Shift for Eye Beam, CTRL for Chaos Nova and ALT for Metamorphosis.

I run the macro at 35ms and never Fury cap or starve. Abilities are cast almost on CD and everything seems to work as intended.


Try if and let me know what you think.

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Hey Zydor,

thanks for your macro. I will give it a try later on .

keep pushing

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after trying, i would say you have hit a sweet spot. Really nice macro with a huge potential in M+

Thanks again mate

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I’ve tested this on dummies over 6 minutes and its extremely good. Great macro my ilvl is 458 and I was pulling 64k plus

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Love the DPS output this has. Better than the rest for me personally. My only problem and probably just on my end is CTRL for Chaos Nova does nothing. other than that, my DPS is great even without CN…lol

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@starkrvngmad Is it only with my macro? I know you might have done all this, but make sure your keybind is not already bound to something else or that your keyboard settings are to one that allows ctrl to work (for example, french keyboards don’t have a right ctrl compared to English-US ones)… but for me it all 3 mods work fine so wouldn’t know other than that!

@Liwu Dude I thought I would hate this macro…BUT it’s by FAR the best macro I’ve tried . I’m doin 50k ST on boss fights.

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@James_Duncan haha glad to hear it! Why did you think you would hate it???

New to Lazy macros and I have them working, but I guess I am missing the “run at 35ms” Am I missing another app or setting to do this. I an just mashing the key??? Thank you

Because I didnt think I would like the build using demonic App and Imm aura .Damn was i wrong! @454 I was hitting 50k on some bosses. Now I’m 462 and doin 60k on some bosses. Again great job!

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Zydor’s Havoc 8.3 - 7 Minute Test

Hey just did a test and thought I’d share some results, here is my talents + azerite + essences.

Details!: Damage Done for Current [7:00 EF]

  1. Gahzdh … 26.55M (62.2k, 100.0%)

Details!: Gahzdh - Damage Done for Eye of Corruption [7:00 EF]

  1. Lethal Strikes: 4.04M (15.2%)
  2. Reaping Flames: 2.65M (9.9%)
  3. Annihilation: 2.46M (9.2%)
  4. Melee: 2.30M (8.6%)
  5. Death Sweep: 2.07M (7.8%)
  6. Mind Flay: 1.71M (6.4%)
  7. Chaos Strike: 1.64M (6.2%)
  8. Demon’s Bite: 1.44M (5.4%)
  9. Eye Beam: 1.37M (5.2%)
  10. Trail of Ruin: 1.33M (5.0%)
  11. Ancient Flame: 1.32M (5.0%)
  12. Vile Bile: 1.09M (4.1%)
  13. Gutripper: 725K (2.7%)
  14. Blade Dance: 666K (2.5%)
  15. Immolation Aura: 608K (2.3%)
  16. Echoing Void: 591K (2.2%)
  17. Electrostatic Induction: 415K (1.6%)
  18. Immolation Aura: 146K (0.6%)
  19. Metamorphosis: 24.6K (0.1%)
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Hi Gahz,
I notice you have infinite stars corruption, this contributes large portions of simmed dps; are you aware that infinite stars only procs on the raid dummy that deals damage to you also known as the “tanking dummy”? I also notice that in your list of abilities it has not proced once in your 7 minute test, could be a contributing factor in the 10k loss

To be honest I had no idea and didn’t even check the ability lists, I was asked to test out the addon by a friend who has a badly geared DH and wanted to see how it performs at my gear level and so I thought I’d post my results here as well, out of all of the ones I’ve tested the DPS has remained the same so there doesn’t seem to be a difference in the macros.

If anyone is curious about how infinity stars effects the DPS let me know and I can run them again.

So far this has by far been the best macro yet. Thank you for doing this. \m/\m/

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Works well for havoc by far, very nice, now I need to tweak a vengeance one, any ideas.

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I dont see how when the first macro uses fiery brand not even a skill in havoc.

This for me is the best DH Havoc script (Took out the HOA proc and sent it to use on the CTRL button since my beam was getting cut short)

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@Allen_Glisson glad you like it!

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