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    EDIT 10/12/18: Fix in the macro.

    Fel, hatred, obsession. These define you, but also spell destruction to those who oppose you. Unleash the demon within and show them just how unprepared they are.

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    Run at 30ms or whatever works for you.
    Vengeful Retreat/Fel Rush combo with ALT.
    Metamorphosis standing in place with SHIFT.

    This macro contains 2macro versions. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

    • The Default macro is 1

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Priority

    KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

    Main Sequence:

    KeyRelease: Contains various utility functions.

    Macro Version 2

    Step Function: Priority

    KeyPress: Metamorphosis, Vengeful Retreat, Fel Rush

    Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Chaos Nova, Eye Beam, Immolation Aura, Demon’s Bite, Chaos Strike

    KeyRelease: Swim Speed (TEST), Mana Drain

    This macro will attempt to allow you to maintain a high DPS with this highly mobile class. Fortunately, Demon Hunters are very straightforward, and the macro only needs to best use your abilities when appropriate. Note that Vengeful Retreat is not in the rotation on purpose, it is a DPS loss in almost all cases even when talented with Momentum. Fel Rush similarly isn’t in the rotation as you should use it to engage and reposition.

    If you want to use Metamorphosis where you stand, hold ALT.

    Macro Notes
    This macro uses talent choices that are designed to work best in all situations. Other talents, such as Momentum or Demon Blades have been passed over in favor of a more solid kit whatever you are doing, eliminating the need for talent changes. This means you might find better numbers by choosing these talents, but only in certain situations or itemizations, but will generally experience an overall loss of DPS compared to my setup.

    I have also designed this macro to be spammed at 30ms.

    Talents and Explanation
    Blind Fury – We’re starting strong with a talent that will define the rest of your kit. As soon as you’re able you will want to use Eye Beam, which triggers the talent Demonic. It also refunds its Fury cost, and then tops you off, paving the way for the macro to do its thing.

    Immolation Aura – Fury generation should not a problem with this build. As long as you don’t find yourself constantly starving for Fury, Immolation Aura is a pure DPS boost in both ST and AOE situations. If, however, you are finding Fury to tap out a bit too soon, Insatiable Hunger can be subbed in. It’ll be a trade-off. I’d also hold off until your final talent before making that choice.

    Trail of Ruin – Right now, no matter the build and no matter the fight, Blade Dance is back on the rotation. Trail of Ruin allows Blade Dance to continue doing damage while it’s on cooldown. All three talents in this tier can be used for ST or AOE, but Trail will pull ahead on sheer usage in a fight.

    (Your Choice) – Choose what you prefer. I prefer Soul Rending due to frequent instances of Metamorphosis/Demonic. Allows me to solo elites and rares with ease. However, if Nemesis is taken later, consider taking Netherwalk here.

    First Blood – Another clear winner. This turns your AOE Blade Dance into a ST ability, as well. Since it also reduces its cost it further solidifies its place in your standard rotation.

    (Your Choice) – Another situational. Unleashed Power makes your stun free and available more often. This means you could even put it into your rotation and forget about it and feel like a Frost DK in terms of automatic periodic stuns, and is a slight increase to DPS compared to the other options. If you don’t want Chaos Nova firing automatically, remove it from the macro.

    Demonic, Momentum, or Nemesis – In an unusually great effort to balance talent choices, Blizz gave us some options in this last tier. It basically boils down to a ST talent, an AOE talent, and a hybrid talent.
    Demonic is your hybrid talent. Taking this will make your Eye Beams transform you, which enhances all your abilities. To me, this is the most solid choice and the macro is built around it.
    Momentum is your AoE choice, as well as your open-world multi-fight choice. It can help you generate Fury as you move from one fight to another, and gives you more damage while rushing into a fight.
    Nemesis is your ST choice, a flat 20% increase in damage to a single target. It has some AoE benefit if what you end up killing is the same creature type as the rest of the fight you are in, but that’s usually a rare occurrence. Take this only if you like talent swapping for boss fights.

    Known Issues
    1. Vengeful Retreat and Fel Rush, when macroed, cannot always gauruntee that another ability won’t get in between them and fire out of range. Use with caution.

    DPS Numbers
    Giving my numbers, in most cases, is not helpful. You will have different gear, different talents, or different buffs. Instead, I sim my character and attempt to get my macros as close to “Expert” level numbers as possible, which should translate accurately for everyone. Right now, this macro is within 3% of “Expert” level sims!

    AMR’s auto-balancing and itemization engine should not be overlooked. Squeeze out your best DPS.

    Advanced Interface Options (POSSIBLE DPS INCREASE)
    Users have reported that by installing this addon and unchecking the item “Secure Ability Toggle” you will see a DPS increase. Personally, this seems to be the case. Target dummy damage increased by 5k and raid damage increased by 20k. Your mileage may vary.

    Weak Auras – Eye Beam Cooldown Animation
    If you have Weak Auras and would like to have a handy timer for when Eye Beam is on cooldown, import the following code.

    Weak Auras – Metamorphosis Graphic
    This one will show a graphic when Metamorphosis is available.


    Temporary Experimental Macro
    Right now there are a couple of problems that pop up for us Havoc users, and macro users in general.

    The first is a bug with castsequences. It’s not certain at this point if this is a bug with GSE or a bug with how WoW is accepting them, but you might experience this and any other macro for any other class simply stop working in the middle of a dungeon or raid if they use castsequences. It’s more noticeable with macros where your main abilities are in castsequences. If you are not in combat it has a pretty simple fix: you can either /gs and open up GSE, open my macro, SAVE my macro (without making any changes), and close GSE. Or you can /reload. Or you can just wait about 30 seconds. All seem to reset whatever is hanging castsequences. If you are in combat, however, none of this will help. Instead, I will include a “spam” macro below to get around the issue until you can reset.

    The second is the Immolation Aura bug, where it appears if you are in a highly populated area and/or are in an overloaded dungeon Immolation Aura can cause the rest of the macro to freeze after it’s used. This is becoming less and less of an issue, but can still creep up for some users. The fix for this is a bit more involved. You can either take Immolation Aura out of the macro and place it on its own key for manual use, or you can perform some edits to keep it in the macro. Instructions for that will be after the spam macro.

    The Castsequences Fix


    Just import the above macro and use it whenever the main macro at the top of the OP doesn’t work for you. It is a less optimized macro, so your DPS will suffer if you have to rely on it, but if you place it on another key and notice the main macro stalling you can switch it up.

    The Immolation Aura Fix

    The Immolation Aura fix requires you to do a couple things to set it up. First, take Immolation Aura from your spellbook and place it on any open hotbar space. It can be 1 through =, or any of the extra bar spaces. Second, use the command /fstack command to see what the name of the button you are placing IA on is called. It can be called ActionButton3, or MultiActionButton8, or if you have an addon that changes your UI, like in my case, ElvUI_BarXButtonX.

    Then, edit my macro, either the main macro or the “spam” macro, and find the line:
    /cast [nochanneling,combat] Immolation Aura
    and change it to
    /click [nochanneling,combat] ElvUI_Bar1Button10
    where “ElvUI_Bar1Button10” is the name of the button you placed Immolation Aura as reported by /fstack.

    Save the macro (that line will be white, and that’s okay) and run as usual.

    First Sergeant
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    Thankyou Enix. What button did you put for meta?

    Post count: 664

    Thankyou Enix. What button did you put for meta?

    Shift to do it where you stand. Otherwise, I have it on my middle mouse button so I can engage with it if I want.

    First Sergeant
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    Thanks again will load it up and give it a whirl

    Stone Guard
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    Getting 2.9K dps sustained, burst for a min straight is like 4k and it slowly goes down. Very nice. I swapped the shift mod to a ctrl mod because its my preference. Thank you.

    SiuLong Kwan
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    229ilevel around 3k dps run at 30ms
    and also deleted Blur

    Alan Phillips
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    Level 244 holding 5.6k
    Nothing touched on macro, but I will be removing Nemisis and putting on a separate button.

    Great Macro once again.

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    Hi Enix, is the process the same to import? Copy/Paste > Import in GSE? The code kinda throw me off lol

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    Leaves me pain starved before every Eyebeam.

    Post count: 664

    Hi Enix, is the process the same to import? Copy/Paste > Import in GSE? The code kinda throw me off lol


    Leaves me pain starved before every Eyebeam.

    Not taking my recommended talent Blind Fury?

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