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    EDIT 4/28/19: Complete redesign. Will now prioritize more Annihilations when in Meta/Demonic form. Removed all castsequences that would not revert to base spells when returning to normal. DPS increase as a result. New T1 talent suggestion. Better tuning.

    Fel, hatred, obsession. These define you, but also spell destruction to those who oppose you. Unleash the demon within and show them just how unprepared they are.

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    Run at 50ms (20x a second) or whatever works for you.
    Consume Magic with ALT.
    Metamorphosis standing in place with SHIFT.

    This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

    Macro Version 1

    Step Function: Priority

    Pre Macro: Demon’s Bite

    KeyPress: Darkness, Blur, Metamorphosis, Consume Magic

    Main Sequence: Blade Dance, Demon’s Bite, Eye Beam, Immolation Aura, Chaos Nova, Chaos Strike

    KeyRelease: Swim Speed (TEST), Mana Drain

    Post Macro: Demon’s Bite

    This macro will attempt to allow you to maintain a high DPS with this highly mobile class. Fortunately, Demon Hunters are very straightforward, and the macro only needs to best use your abilities when appropriate. Note that Vengeful Retreat is not in the rotation on purpose, it is a DPS loss in almost all cases even when talented with Momentum unless you can use it perfectly manually. Fel Rush similarly isn’t in the rotation as you should use it to engage and reposition.

    If you want to use Metamorphosis where you stand, hold SHIFT.

    Macro Notes
    This macro uses talent choices that are designed to work best in all situations. Other talents, such as Momentum or Demon Blades have been passed over in favor of a more solid kit whatever you are doing, eliminating the need for talent changes. This means you might find better numbers by choosing these talents, but only in certain situations or itemizations, but will generally experience an overall loss of DPS compared to my setup.

    Eye Beam and Chaos Nova are built-in to the macro. The macro relies on Eye Beam, but feel free to remove Chaos Nova if you’d like, though I don’t recommend it. See the talent Unleashed Power for my reason why.

    This macro was tuned spamming 20 times a second, or 50ms.

    Talents and Explanation
    Demonic Appetite – We’re starting strong with a talent that will define the rest of your kit and shape your gameplay. You will now generate Lesser Soul Fragments via Chaos Strike, naturally generating more during Meta/Demonic phases. Just moving around a bit near them will pick them up and grant a ton of Fury. Your DPS will depend on how well you manage this resource. As a rule of thumb, don’t pick up any LSFs unless below 50% Fury, or 25% Fury if Immolation Aura is active.

    This talent will also synergize with Unleashed Power/Chaos Nova, and the Azerite talent Eyes of Rage. The former creating Lesser Soul Fragments and the latter making all LSF reduce the CD on Eye Beam.

    Immolation Aura – Fury generation should not a problem with this build. As long as you don’t find yourself constantly starving for Fury, Immolation Aura is a pure DPS boost in both ST and AOE situations. If, however, you are finding Fury to tap out a bit too soon, Insatiable Hunger can be subbed in. It’ll be a trade-off. I’d also hold off until your final talent before making that choice.

    Trail of Ruin – Right now, no matter the build and no matter the fight, Blade Dance is back on the rotation. Trail of Ruin allows Blade Dance to continue doing damage while it’s on cooldown. All three talents in this tier can be used for ST or AOE, but Trail will pull ahead on sheer usage in a fight.

    (Your Choice) – Choose what you prefer. I prefer Soul Rending due to frequent instances of Metamorphosis/Demonic. Allows me to solo elites and rares with ease and pinch tank and be a hero to my party. However, if Nemesis is taken later, consider taking Netherwalk here. Finally, in high Mythic+ dungeons, Desperate Instincts can save your life.

    First Blood – Another clear winner. This turns your AOE Blade Dance into a ST ability, as well. Since it also reduces its cost it further solidifies its place in your standard rotation.

    Unleashed Power – Technically this is another situational talent. However, with Chaos Nova built into the macro, it is actually a DPS increase to take this talent, even with manual use. Unleashed Power makes your stun free and available more often, which can eliminate rotational downtime, letting you feel like a Frost DK in terms of automatic periodic stuns. Most importantly, however, is that every Chaos Nova has a chance of breaking off a LSF per target, greatly increasing your Fury surplus and reducing your Eye Beam cooldown, especially in packs of enemies.

    Trust me, if your M+ or raid is depending on your stun for control, they’re doing it wrong anyway.

    Demonic – Taking this will make your Eye Beams transform you which enhances all your abilities for 8 seconds. This is the most solid choice and this macro is built around it. The other talents are situational at best, with Nemesis being the next best overall, but still pales compared to Demonic.

    Known Issues
    1. None.

    DPS Numbers
    Giving my numbers, in most cases, is not helpful. You will have different gear, different buffs, or can snapshot AoE numbers and call them ST. Instead, I sim my character and attempt to get my macros as close to “Expert” level numbers as possible, which should translate accurately for everyone. Right now, this macro is performing at 95% of “Expert” level sims! (If you think a macro can do 100% I’d like to see it.)

    AMR’s auto-balancing and itemization engine should not be overlooked. Squeeze out your best DPS.

    Weak Auras – Mythic+ Nameplates (BfA): Purgeable Buffs & Enrages

    Weak Auras – Metamorphosis Graphic
    This one will show a graphic when Metamorphosis is available.

    First Sergeant
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    Thankyou Enix. What button did you put for meta?

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    Thankyou Enix. What button did you put for meta?

    Shift to do it where you stand. Otherwise, I have it on my middle mouse button so I can engage with it if I want.

    First Sergeant
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    Thanks again will load it up and give it a whirl

    Stone Guard
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    Getting 2.9K dps sustained, burst for a min straight is like 4k and it slowly goes down. Very nice. I swapped the shift mod to a ctrl mod because its my preference. Thank you.

    SiuLong Kwan
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    229ilevel around 3k dps run at 30ms
    and also deleted Blur

    Alan Phillips
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    Level 244 holding 5.6k
    Nothing touched on macro, but I will be removing Nemisis and putting on a separate button.

    Great Macro once again.

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    Hi Enix, is the process the same to import? Copy/Paste > Import in GSE? The code kinda throw me off lol

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    Leaves me pain starved before every Eyebeam.

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    Hi Enix, is the process the same to import? Copy/Paste > Import in GSE? The code kinda throw me off lol


    Leaves me pain starved before every Eyebeam.

    Not taking my recommended talent Blind Fury?

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