3 Ability macro question

Is there a way to put a modifier on how much resource you have?

For a Furry warrior something basic for 3 abilities like this:

If greater than 80 rage /cast Rampage
If less than 80 rage attempt to /cast onslaught
If no to both then attempt to cast execute.

I am currently using GSE and have it in a simple loop like:
/cast Rampage
/cast Onslaught
/cast Execute

I can spam 1 button and it does a pretty good job of using these abilites, but I would rather it prioritize Rampage so I don’t rage cap.

I see the new GSE lets you do something with WeakAuras, but I’m not sure its in-depth enough to recognize how much resource I have. Any help would be much appreciated. If anything I am trying to not have to press the button 3 times in every global. Its alot of spamming
Thanks =)

Hi, Ive messed around with a fury macro to run some DPS if the tanks slots are full or what not, but mine is nothing too polished so I wont recommend mine. I can however give you some tips for yours. Execute should be at the top with the utmost priority being as its a proc and a big DPS ability. You will want your macro to hit it anytime it procs over the other spells. Next you need to have Onslaught on the priority being as it has a cool down timer, and not only that, it enrages you for 6 seconds. You will need that enrage to do more damage of course with the rest of the rotation. Lastly you need to have Rampage on your list. You have it last because there is no proc or cool down associated with it. That means that the macro will use the cool down ability and the proc if its there and then allow you to freely build rage to than be used on Rampage when you have 80 rage. If you have rampage first, the macro could possibly just wait on 80 rage and use rampage first and then the others might not fire, or be very hit and miss. your macro should look reversed from what you have so:

/cast Execute
/cast Onslaught
/cast Rampage

This is all theory and you can try and build your macro as you like, mine is very ugly and still a work in progress but it fires alright for what i need it for. You can try the priority setting on a loop but i feel that it slows the macro down unlike the older addon versions so i usually just use sequential but than it also becomes sorta hit and miss. Let me know if you would like more help. Maybe if you want and i get some time, I can try and polish up my version for you.

Also if you want, you can post the macro you are working with here so we can see whats going on. You shouldn’t be rage capping if the macro is one way or the other, it is likely something else to do with the macro than.

So I got curious and a bit motivated to clean my macro up after talking about it. You can check it out here. Fury macro