4.2 Druid - Feral (Cat) Lazy Macro

After a bit of testing at the dummy, this macro it seems to do a nice rotation and using all cooldowns available for a brainless 1 spam button.

Macro might be outdated, please check the forums for up to date macros.

Dungeon macro (attacking behind mobs):

/castsequence [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent="yes" overflow="visible"][fusion_builder_row][fusion_builder_column type="1_1" background_position="left top" background_color="" border_size="" border_color="" border_style="solid" spacing="yes" background_image="" background_repeat="no-repeat" padding="" margin_top="0px" margin_bottom="0px" class="" id="" animation_type="" animation_speed="0.3" animation_direction="left" hide_on_mobile="no" center_content="no" min_height="none"][stealth]Ravage;reset=target/alt Mangle(Cat Form),Faerie Fire (Feral),null
/castsequence reset=target Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Shred,Shred,Rip,Rake,Shred
/cast [nostealth]Prowl
/cast Tiger's Fury
/cast Berserk
/cast Feral Charge(Cat Form)

Macro Explanation:

Farming macro (attacking not behind mobs):

/castsequence [stealth]Pounce;reset=1 Faerie Fire (Feral),null
/castsequence reset=target Mangle(Cat Form),Savage Roar,Rake,Rip,Mangle(Cat Form),Rake,Mangle(Cat Form)
/cast [nostealth]Prowl
/cast Tiger's Fury
/cast Berserk
/cast Feral Charge(Cat Form)

Macro Explanation:

UPDATED June 10, 2011: Revised for a better rotation and added Pounce spell when on Stealth, also stealths if out of combat.

UPDATED July 1, 2011: Added farming version (frontal attack does not lock up).

UPDATED October 2, 2011: Cat dungeon - Pounce was replaced with Ravage, rotations reset on target to prevent any lock up and added a modifier (Alt) to refresh mangle and Faerie Fire. Cat farming - Claw was replaced with Mangle for more damage and normal rotation resets on target to prevent any lock up. Trinkets had to be removed in order to have space to make the macros work properly.

i have been trying this macro tonight and I cant seem to get mangle to work. No combo points are added to the target

That is weird cause I just tested it on my druid to see if there was a problem and it is working fine, although I can try to make the rotation better when I get some time, but it does not lock up on me.
Is your druid character level 85? Or if is a lower level, is it missing an ability from the macro?

Think I found it. This macro is really build for instances where you have can go behind the mob when the tank has aggro. From behind it works fine.

I tried to use it for soloing quests.

Very nice. I’m liking this!

awesome!! finally a good macro, keep up the good work.

I just tested the new one for farming and it works like a charm.

You get Claw at level 8, and Mangle (Cat Form) at 10, only time you get to use Claw is between level 8 and 10. Claw doesn’t scale well at all, Mangle does much more damage, and costs 5 energy less.

Also, at level 22 you can replace Pounce with Ravage in your group macro, it does lot more damage and there is really no need to stun anything right off the bat in a group with a tank. By using Feral Charge first, your next Ravage is temporarily free of energy cost and it can be used from the front.

Hi Nahkohae, thanks for the recommendations. I will try to modify it and see if all fits. Thanks again for the feedback.

The Cat farmiing macro won’t go past Mangle for me. It just shows the red question mark and when pressed doesn’t activate anything until the Faerie Fire resets.

Hello Yoshi, the problem you might be encountering is that you might not be spamming the macro button fast enough. The macro will reset in 1 second and cast Faerie Fire if it is not pushed within a second, I made it this way to prevent it from getting stuck before when it was reset on target and if someone changed targets too quickly it was resetting it constantly.

Also there is a possibility that you might have missed the Mangle attack and do not have enough combo points to continue to the next rotation. You can edit the time of reset from the first castsequence by changing 1 to any number you wish, any number represents the amount of seconds it would take to reapply Faerie Fire.

I hope this information lets you find where the problem is.

I’m usually great with macros but I just came back to WoW so am a bit rusty lol.
I thought originally it might be the Savage Roar stopping it and giving me the red questionmark (I was lvl 71 so hadn’t learnt it yet) so I removed it.

Now I realise my mistake was my lack of playing my druid since TBC and I can’t believe I didn’t realise it sooner.
The reason it looked like he was standing there doing nothing was because he WAS standing there doing nothing, but only because of lack of energy :stuck_out_tongue:
I also realised that the red questionmark was showing on the macro because it’s a macro in a macro so unless I put #showtooltip in before each castsequence I can’t see the spells and it defaults to the red questionmark.

Thanks for the reply, I love the macros (so do some guildies) and I only wish I found them sooner, they definetly make farming less painful (if you have ever farmed 4 whelplings you know what I mean!)

Hi again Yoshi, I’m glad you got it fixed and your friends are enjoying the macros too.
I usually ask people if they are level 85 but I forgot this time, because most of these macros are oriented towards level 85. While it is not hard to modify the macro to fit the level, we would end up with many variations and could create confusion.

You are very welcome, I know the pain of farming anything for hours, days or more. :wink:

is there a way to implement ferocious bite in to the macro

Hello titusmarshall, I bet you can fit it in after removing trinkets and replace a finishing move for it. Can not be put as a modifier because it uses combo points and it would mess up the rotation, unless you extend it but is getting short in characters.
There are a few things that are optional and can make some room if are removed, like stealth pounce, no stealth prowl and cooldowns. But is up to you what you would like to give up in order to get some space to fit the ability you want.
Hope this helps to answer your question.

Ty greatly appreciate it

ive tried re working the macro ex.
/castsequence [mod] Ferocious Bite;[stealth]Pounce;
Faerie Fire (Feral),Mangle(Cat Form),null
/castsequence reset=9 Savage Roar,Rake,Shred,Shred,
/cast Tiger’s Fury
/cast Berserk
/cast Feral Charge(Cat Form)
however cant seem to figure out how to make it to where ferocious bite is the mod any tips ?

Hi again titusmarshall, it should work fine the way you integrate it as long you dont hit the modifier before it does Savage Roar or it will lock up and have to quit spamming the macro so it resets and gets a combo point.
The only thing that have to fix is to add a space between reset=1 and Faerie Fire.

“reset=1 Faerie Fire (Feral)”

Will these macro work in a pvp setting?

Hello Advil, it all depends on wether you are able to hit the target. In other words it should work, I would suggest the farming macro for PvP due to the dungeon one only works if you are behind the target and it would lock up, is kinda hard to always being able to hit from behind in PvP.