6.0.2 Resto druid Macros that i use

Okay hay guys first time posting so don’t be to keen to point out flaws but here we go;
okay so you want to set this macro to an easily accessible key for example scroll down as to increase your spam potential
talents i prefer 1,1,3,3,3,3,

/castsequence [@target]reset=combat/target Rejuvenation,Lifebloom,regrowth,wild growth,Rejuvenation,Lifebloom,Wild Growth,Swiftmend
/cast !Force of Nature
/castsequence [@CHARACTER NAME] Typhoon,Wild Mushroom

so this macro will make sure all of your heals over time are up and that you get your harmony buff for 25%+ more healing.make sure you replace character name with your character name and your could change target to mouse ever or focus if you wanted.

now i use another macro for my cool downs the first being a one minute cool down button which is

/cast Nature’s Swiftness
/cast Healing Touch
/cast Nature’s Vigil
/cast ironbark
/cast barkskin

and a 3 minute cool down button which i included berserking as i’m a troll

/cast Berserking
/cast Tranquility

and that should be all you need apart from crowd control, mark of the wild and rebirth/ress and natures cure which i usually just bind to other keys
thanks ;D just tell me what you think!

This macro works amazingly well, I still have everything on my bars for the option of going manual. However most of the time i can target the tank and spam away. I don’t use the CD macro’s.

Anyone looking for a good basic macro for Resto this one is king.

I pulled 21k hps on Malk Heroic last night at ilvl 532. This doubled each of the 3 other healers in the raid, all of which out geared me.

Use your mushroom manually, spam macro on tank and switch to spamming it on others when they take damage. You can also press the macro once for rejuv so you can multi hot with the macro still. I do end up using Wild Growth manually sometimes, but i leave it in the macro so it’s used on cooldown most of the time.

Thanks for the macro! i will be using/testing/tweaking it as WoD unfolds.

I’ll post any improvements i may find.

I am still using this macro currently with ilvl633 gear in heroics and challenge modes. I must say its still very good for most content. I do find some fights i end up going fully manual because i need to heal in a specific way for the fight. But it is nice having this as a backup when panic mode hits and you end up just clicking people and spamming.

Now that WoD has been out for a bit and ive had a good amount of time healing, i find i like the germination route rather than the Sotf + Rampant growth route. I may modify the macro to squeeze an extra rejuv early and i also would like swiftmend a little earlier. I will update this thread when i have some new macros to share, but i need to do some testing first.

In theory this is what im going to test:

Force of Nature Spec:

/castsequence [@target]reset=combat/target Rejuvenation,Lifebloom,rejuvenation,regrowth,wild growth,swiftmend
/cast !Force of Nature

Soul of The Forest Spec:

/castsequence [@target]reset=combat/target Rejuvenation,Lifebloom,swiftmend,regrowth,wild growth

These are along the lines of what im thinking, will test stuff this weekend.

THANKS alot for the input :smiley:

Need update for lvl 100 - talent and it’s a cool macro but absolutely mana hungry… whats wrong? :frowning:

I use the atonement-style macro (for use with Dream of Cenarius) found here: https://wowlazymacros.com/forums/topic/resto-1-button-macro/

It works pretty well (I came out 1st or 2nd heals in Highmaul with 636 gear for all three bosses and used this almost exclusively). With that said, I normally only really use it on trash or when I’m raid heals. When tank healing, I drop out of that and use clique to directly control heals.

Ok ok and what about talents please and glyphs :slight_smile: