Add ons hooks.......?

So I have been reading the latest update’s (for 9.0) and I see mention of Weak Auras and Hekili.
Are there hooks to these addons? if so, how do you use them, what is it all about?

Anyone know?,

Hello Pete,

More info here: Create Framework so that GS-E can be a plugin to WeakAuras2 · Issue #36 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub

Thanks for the link, does anyone know how this is used withing GSE?
So you import a WA into GSE, how does that get triggered by GSE, how does my “one button” trigger this WA withing GSE?

Anyone have snapshots of how this looks withing a GSE script?


Its a convenience / QOL thing. It is more for those who go here is my macro and oh btw here is the WA to go with it. You go to the WA tab, and hit the + button to load it into WA. Beyond that they are two different worlds.

Thanks Tim, well, if I understand you correctly, than to me this is just unnecessary bloat to GSE just to save a user from clicking on WA and doing a import there.

I have also seen reference to Helili, what is that about?

No idea - I don’t know what Helilil(sp?) is?

Why is it that people only give feedback after something is done? The initial request lodged in 2016 has been sitting waiting for feedback for 4 years Create Framework so that GS-E can be a plugin to WeakAuras2 · Issue #36 · TimothyLuke/GSE-Advanced-Macro-Compiler · GitHub This was something I tried to do for GSE 1.3x. Again in 2019 - Request For Feedback: WeakAuras2 yet now it’s unnecessary bloat for some and the greatest thing ever for others.

I have things like GitHub and request for feedback posts so I am not wasting time developing things that are not needed.

This is not directed directly at you Pete - but more a broader community question


I’m grateful for everything you do, regardless if I would use it right now or later. In the process someone might stumble with other cool things that might not have think of, I don’t consider knowledge a waste of time.

I think we should be thankful first for what we have and be happy that other people will benefit from something new and perhaps it evolves into something even greater (always does) down the road that wouldn’t have been possible without those extra steps.

Thanks again Tim <3


Hi Tim, clearly, your heart is in the right place, I don’t know what the original request was asking for, perhaps they wanted something that would allow GSE to execute their WA scripts (which would probably be banned by WOW). But regardless, I don’t use any WA’s suggested by the GSE authors when they link to them, mainly because if I need a UI, there are better on wago or I just don’t need what they are selling. also, its easy enough to open WA and just import the script.
( ).

I’m just speaking for myself, perhaps there are people that will make great use of the new tab, don’t know.

Thanks for all your hard work on this add-on ,

p.s. Hekili is a dps rotation add-on

I like the idea of having weak aura imports in gse imports. A simple use to this is someone not familiar with a class. Say enhance shamans. The thread for the macro says press alt when you have 5 maelstrom to cast lightning bolt. Now creators can make a simple aura that says press alt now.

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this is sooooo much awesome, certainly a QOL! again thanks @TimothyLuke much love and appreciation as if it wasn’t for you and GSE I wouldn’t be able to play the game, it goes a lot deeper than the Addon, being able to enjoy the game again and has brought a bright light into a dimly lit dungeon. Thank you for everything.