Affliction warlock 8.01

macro 1 is for dungeons, macro 2 is for raiding. I tested both yesterday and they are working great.


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Which talents should be used? The ones listed in the macro seem to be incorrect, assuming the name is “AFFLICTION”?

I can’t seem to get it to work past Siphon Life.


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i posted 2 macros, with 2 talent builds on it, for macro 1 you take the first set of options, for macro 2 you take the second option. If you cant make them work you probably are doing something wrong, both macros worked great for me.

Okay, maybe this has already been explained but I cant seem to find it. You say there are 2 different macros there but I just see all the letters and numbers (saw on another post this is the new way the macros are imported to the game) but where is the break between the two different macros? Do we just import the entire thing and it makes 2? Confused…

when you export your macro from the latest version of gnomesequencer encode the macro in a bunch of symbols, numbers and letters, just like weakaura does, you copy paste those to your import gnomesequencer addon

I made a video testing the macro, no sound but its self explanatory.

i added a talent change in the raiding macro, switched vile taint for phantom singularity, its already updated in the bin code that i posted, also added a video of the macro testing for you.

anyone tell me why all i see for the macro is stuff like this


pls and ty

when you export a macro in the new gnomesequencer put in in a bin file, thats what you are seing.Copy all that and import those to your import in gnomesequencer, after that you will be able to see the macro in you edit macro tab in your addon.

Thank you! The video and your explanation helped me a lot!

Thanks for the macro, a note. This macro hung on me after 1 rotation, by taking out the Drain Life in the castsequence line I was able to get it to fire without a hitch. Drain life is still a mod to shift, if I do need to use it, but for some reason this one just wouldn’t work until i took it out of the regular rotation. Otherwise, an excellent macro.

drain life is on shift modifier, is not on a castsequence, maybe you tryed to said drain soul. Any way i will check it out again, but as you saw in the video i dont have any hung on it. drain life cant get the macro stuck uneless you dont have mana. Drain soul is in the same boat.

Are you using the talents that i posted. if you change them maybe thats the issue you are having.
shift modifier should use drain life, i put it there since drain soul no longer can health you as part of your normal rotation. alt modifier should use your phantom singularity or your vile taint, depending the macro that you are using at the moment, ctrl modifier should cast seed of corruption to do some extra aoe. darkglare is not included on the macro, its your major dps CD, but it has a 3minute cooldown, so i prefer to use it in another button for those moments. we use grimoire of sacrifice so make sure you cast your desire pet and then click your grimoire of sacrifice. other than that trye dissable your other addons and then enable them 1 by 1 to see if 1 of them is causing issues with gnomesequencer.

Not working for me

hangs after one rotation.

Dots up, 3 x unst afll and and hangs.

Removed the mods and drain life

and it keeps unst affli / dot but not even sticks
in a drain soul.

If i remove the 2nd part of the macro, it aint even working no more.

You say you have two parts, so when i remove tab 2, why is one not working

no more? :frowning:

this new crap to import easy can be handy but its so effin confusing.

Trying out all chars now, i have every class / trying every spec, and

its always someting. no offence to you ofc.

I appreciate the work put into it, but tbh, i spend more time looking for

macros that fit a playstyle or even work correctly then im in game.

i think you should trye using the string i provided again, i just used the macros again and they are still working fine. You can watch the video if you have doubts.

Same problem here like lk lk has.

It just hangs

@carlos… so it appears you have two macros,different builds in one macro… and you want us to create two macros out of the one code by changing the options out for each build into each macro.I am just wondering if it wouldnt be less confusing and just as easy to make two different macros…??? especially since this is a new way of doing things for a lot of us novices out here. the learning curve is pretty polluted as it is. Also… do you still have to change your build to match each macro or does it do that automatically the way you did it.?? just asking. thanks…

I have same problem the other 2 guys here have… It works if i can change target, then it starts to dot
agony and corruption… But when fighting a world boss single target it just wants to unstable affliction
all the time after 1 rotation… I can use drain soul and drain life, but since no soul shard i cant press macro… What do u do here? btw im pretty new to lock, its just an alt :slight_smile:

It does hang for me, on occasion, waiting for a Soul Shard to come back, but not often.

The problem most are having with it hanging, is that your macro has Macro 2 on by default in all situations. So if they are expecting to test Macro 1, they don’t have Siphon Life talented, so it hangs when it can’t cast Siphon Life.

i know that, thats why i told them to watch the video so they know what to do.