Antol's 8.3 BM Macro

Hi Folks and welcome
this GSE BM Hunter Macro, I have for a long time tried to make a macro based on Icy Veins but also from Method’s guides and this is my version on that.

I also talked to Ashobunny and Elfyau about this macro and got them to try it.

Hope that both Ashobunny and Elfyau will give their opinion on my Macro in this thread as I have received feedback on discordfrom them, that you ofc can’t see without i leak something else.

Here you can see my Hunter’s current Gear and Corruption:


My Dps on the Raider’s Traning Dummy with the ST macro look like this on a 5min timer no moment:

Talents and Essences are as follow:
1 for Myt + / WM off Talents: 2,2,2,2,2,1,1
2 for Raid Talents: 2,2,2,2,2,1,2
Major: Vision of Perfection
Minor: Conflict and Strife, Breath of the Dying, Essence of the Focusing Iris

I dont useing the macro in Arena/BG’s as BM Hunters dont do well in PVP
but works okay for Warmode



in comparison Ashobunny and Elfyau Macro’s are they all quit close on the test i made with my gear and my talents/essences and are within 5k dps on each other.

Hope to get some constructive criticism or some positive feedback
Love Antol (Keanashining@Ravencrest) EU

PS if you want here is my AHK (70MS)

#IfWinActive World of Warcraft
While GetKeyState(“3”,“p”){
sleep 70ms
While GetKeyState(“4”,“p”){
sleep 70ms


I have tried this macro, and it is AWESOME. Definitely recommend trying this one out :smiley: Keep up the good work @Antol2765


I Test the Macro today or Tomorrow.

What i see is you Play with 0 Corruption and only with one Severe I and The Bow with wispered Truth. You need 3x Severe 3 , 3x Expediant to Increase your Dps over 70k Dps.

Look here: 1gs more then you, but heavy more dmg as you *gg

Also Expendiant 3?
If u have Severe 3 3x, Expendiant 3 3x and the Corruption from the Bow u play with 55 total corruption. If u have the Neck @ 90(atm cap) resistance.

the cloak is 80 not 90

think he means 80 - cloak / 10 essence …so 90 resist

So I just ran the Raid Dummy in Zul for 5 min test…no buffs, no pots…using a cat…469ilvl…37 corruption…40ms

M - VoP
m - BoD / PP / Iris

73.2k dps

uptime on Barbed shot was 99%…impressive

however, I would like to see more KC vs pet melee

Same setup, using the multi mob dummies next to the raid dummy in Zul -

5 minute run - no buffs, no pots

139k dps

all around, great macros, Vulpera recommended

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i know just bin unlucky with the Corruption

Unlucky ok. but now you can buy corruption from Mother. this week severe 2 is buyable from Mother. but i think its better to wait for Severe 3 in one or two weeks. Expediant 3 was last week. now you must wait three weeks for it. You can use void ritual 3 thats good to.

My Corruption is 1x Void ritual 3, 2x Severe 2, 1x Severe 1 and the Bow. Resistance from neck is 80. I play M+ with 41 Corruption. for Mythic Nyalotha severe 1 change to item without coruption.

yeah i know skiped severe rank 2 on purpes and diddn had the [Echoes of Ny’alotha] to buy Expediant 3 when it was there

Ah ok yes skipping severe 2 is ok. but you know expediant 3 is in three weeks again after severe 3 in one or two weeks. you need to farm a lot of Echoes xD

I know but enogh about What im missing what did you think about the macro?

Im in a M+15 group running some Mythics. its not so good testing macros now xD But later i test it.

Makro works good. 68k Dps on Dummy five minutes. Raidbot says 71,2k Dps max on Dummy with my equip. its a loss from 3k dps. its ok for nothing to do only push one button :smiley:

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Testing this on a leveling toon at the moment. works great. level 57 when i started, now 60. top DPS on the runs i have done so far.

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how to use AHK on Wow buddy ? i have logitech g502

AHK is a program have have installed on your PC
after you install it you need to make a AHK text fill where you post the code i linke or a code you make you self if you know how to code
the code i have in the thread is made so if you hold down number 3 or 4 it will spam the key with a intival of 70 miliseconds
after the AHK text fil is made you just need to run it.
hope you understand because i dont know how else to explain it :slight_smile:
cheers Antol


if you talking about AHK you will NOT get banned if you use it

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Wow Buddy is. Ahk and the like are not. Correct.

uhm why did you start talking about wow Buddy then non one was talking about it before you said any
thing ?