ASS Rogue True Lazy One Button

This was made by request, as such it may or probably has flaws as I am unfamiliar with the spec, so please suggest or flame me!!!

To use remember to apply your poisons (goes without saying :stuck_out_tongue: )

Single Target: just use the macro

Thats pretty much it atm look forward to getting some feedback so I can improve it :slight_smile: Cheers!!


This is certainly the best macro I have found for assassination rogue. I just tested on my level 104 rogue and all I can say is WOW!


hi Elfy you did really good work any chance making pvp macro like the with the ccโ€™s

what MS are you running it at

@jason I run at 70ms but thatโ€™s because of my system you may find it might work better lower I honestly havenโ€™t tried.

@mvi I maybe looking into that further down that track but I have other stuff to finish first.