Assassin 8.0

Here is my first go around at my macro for 8.0 it needs some work but as far as I can see is a fairly decent macro. Talents I use are 2212121. Any input on this macro is greatly appreciated as are any changes that are for the better of the macro


Edit: This is now the latest version posted further down in the thread

Talents 1212321

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.07.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Main Sequence: Envenom, Toxic Blade, Mutilate, Vanish, Rupture, Garrote, Vendetta

Literally used your assassination macro through ALL of Legion, including through 11/11 mythic abt.

This makes me super happy ^.^

Still firing around 10ms?

Edit: Ran it at 10ms and then again at 100ms. It’s using combo points WAY too fast. Popping Envenom and Rupture around 1-2 combo points.

I haven’t set up the times for my keyboard yet i’m literally just about to hit up lfr and start working on that. I’m going to start with that and tweak from there. I seem to be hitting around 4k sustained dps on a training dummy with no flasks or buffs other than my poisons

Ok i’ll give it a rework i’m sure I can get that sorted pretty easily

It seems like a Energy regen issue that is making it skip over some things may need a complete rework to figure it out i’ll have it within the next couple of days.

That being said running my macro at 0.9s yields me a constant 4.4k dps even with the issues, I sim at 3.3 so i’m breaking that nonetheless

[quote quote=61710]It seems like a Energy regen issue that is making it skip over some things may need a complete rework to figure it out i’ll have it within the next couple of days.
That being said running my macro at 0.9s yields me a constant 4.4k dps even with the issues, I sim at 3.3 so i’m breaking that nonetheless[/quote]

Seconds or ms? Because 0.9 seconds is 9000ms which would be quite a difference in execution, lol.

What about combo point consumption? It was using 1-2 per rotation for me, I sim at 4K and it was doing 2.2

These are my razer synapse settings I ended the night with they are in seconds but in ms would be 130ms

Here is the dps I was doing in +14 nelth on the last boss

Ok so I decided while this was fresh in my mind to rework this, from what I have seen on target dummy for myself with just poisons this will burst to ~7k and sustain 4k. I believe I have fixed the issues you had with it but if not please let me know.


Thanks, I’ll give it a go in the morning - currently on my way to bed, lol.

The first one may have been spending too fast due to the speed which I was firing. As I mentioned, I tried 10ms through 100ms and had the problem, but anything after 100ms is significantly slower than firing at 100ms itself… so, I’ll give them both a run when I wakeup and see if 130ms runs smoother on the first one without spending points absurdly or if the second one is more combo manageable.

I’ll let you know both ways :slight_smile:

Can you make a secondary macro that does’nt blow cool-downs for mythic plus?

Just take the CD’s out of the macro.

As the post above me states just edit the macro and remove vendetta that is the only cd in use I haven’t added vanish to it

So I tried it at 130 sim says i should be at 2.5k and i was steady at about 1.7k not sure if its to slow or to fast. Going to keep testing.

I would try it at 90ms and see how it does with that I’m not online just yet but will be continuing to test this and improve it tonight also check the talents you are using as that will make a difference

I’m very new to the use of these macros. Currently trying this on my Rogue. Do you guys recommend firing manually or using razer software? It’s all very new so sorry for the silly question.

I use the razer software personally

As a side note make sure you are using the second version I posted not the first

Update as promised.

130 was too slow, dropped it to 75 and it worked better.

I didn’t take a look at the macro itself so I naturally assumed it would fire vanish - I ran it for 5 minutes and left, came back and it was only doing 2.9K which again, I sim at 4K. I haven’t tested again because I’ve been busy but I can assume that the damage was falling off because I wasn’t using vanish.

Combo points aren’t being wasted anymore, which is good. Second-updated version is definitely much better.

I’ll take another look at this tonight and see what is happening, what are your talents and stats sat at? Maybe it’s something from that making the difference?

Maybe you can add me to btag and I can run the target dummy with you and see first hand what is happening My btag is Keneh#2741

Sent you a bnet request.