Balance Burst (One Button) Updated 03/04/19

Here is my first attempt at making a macro for a druid. it takes some inspiration from tiggis and sprigs to allow auto rez on focus as well as a pretty solid rotation in general. its uses fury of elune to help keep energy high and uses in incarnation: chosen of elune to allow for high burst. the idea is incarn followed by 2 startsurges then your rotation. EDITED FOR EXTRA DPS


How fast are you running this?

im still testing this myself to work out whats best but on my razer mouse its 0.060 on the macro delay. feedback is welcome :smiley:

I personally was using 50 and it was working great. Opened great and settled slightly above what most macros here are performing at.

Good job.

thank you. can i ask was the incarn triggering at the right time (start of the fight) as i am still working a little on it and any input or suggestions will be welcome

Thought I’d provide some update on the macro.
At 377 ilevel, 23ms home/world, synapse 50ms
Sim craft 16.5k
Macro bursting at 27k with sustained of 14.8k

macro is amazing, can you add troll racial support for the burst?
and btw, do you plan to release an AOE macro?

i have no plan to add it to the rotation as unsure how it would affect other races however after a quick test placing it under the /stargurge in gse makes it work for you. as for AoE i am attempting however all i try are failing to surpass what tiggis already put out so would recommend him. although imo balance are mainly solo. the dps this puts out should make groups easy enough for you.

Hi PH,

I was looking at this macro and noticed that in the PreMacro you have:

/castsequence reset=combatt Celestial Alignment

I am thinking that the ‘combatt’ is a typo, but figured I would check to make sure :slight_smile:

thanks for noticing. i have updated it with the correct spelling. if you find any others feel free to let me know.

This macro works really well - best dps for me as of yet. I must admit i was skeptical but now I use this exclusively. Great work!

thanks. im still tweaking it (hense the update dates) as i know i can squeeze out a little more dps so hopefully it will continue to improve for everyone.

Hello, really good Macro, are you going to be making an AOE macro too?

im working on one but nothing is good enough to show of yes so hopefully soon


I love the macro, but for the AOE, couldn’t you just add a mod key for the spell Starfall? I know this is supposed to be one button, but it would do the job

Due to the rotation trying to add starfall in it results in significant dps loss due to it attempting to fire starsurge after every solar/lunar. only thing you could consider is replacing the mid and end starsurge with starfall however in my tests this was far from ideal. and having it as a alt would not work due to it spending AP faster then you could be able to charge for it.

Tiggis’ AOE macro is about the best I’ve seen and used so far. None are ideal but it’s about as good as I think you’re gonna get…

I use this macro in my mythicraid and have had great experiences with it. Thank you for making the effort to create it. It performs very well and does most damage compared with other macros. Here I post my modified version of this macro. I’ve taken sunfire and lunar fire and Autotarget out of automation to better control it and have added the essence of “remembering the lucid dream”. Maybe you will find the time to update this macro for the Raidstart on Wednesday. Fluffy greetings, A fat owl ( dq0VdaWiuL0Sej7sj4xuLHPkCmLAze1ZuLMgKUgrSnLuFtunoQQZjkRdvHUNiLbIQshKGAHiXdjetuvvxujAJOkXhrvWijqDscIvsq6LeqZKuv3uvLDcXqjuwkPkpvLPkIRIQO2kQkwlb4TOQQ7sGSxWFrvKbl1HHAXQIEmvMmr6Yk2SsYNjvgTQYPL0RjKMnPCBKYUj53igos1XjuTCjEoktNY1rLTJQuFhjnELqNxKQ1JQk7xyydjaYgokcRVWiISKNOWZxYs9aezibUeS2OmgC7fxCXxzz4(HDfcFMcRsumibq2qcGSHZZHzgBeNBuUj6OldBS0CeApXw0rVZEK5JMk6D2JmF0urVZEK5JciYW55Wml6C)15OaYlCEomZIwaKIkAPtj6LACQbqqHZZHzw0Yz(VsYbejW55WmJnIZnk3eD0LHnwAocTNyl6O3zOBjVPIENHUL8Mk6Dg6wYBQO3zOBjVaYA48CyMfDU)6CuajhoprWmlAbqkQOLoLOxQXPgaXhophMzrlN5)kjho9je66xPvn4GtmcZ(HDfcKagC6vv62af40RQ0jduGlPuvIo2gOaNaN01B0gmBGeazdNNdZSOZ9xNJcgCjLQs0XKbkWjcH2tSbuG7SHoVWPCwLOG7gX5gLvXAWjwz(HDfcKaiB48CyMXgX5gLBIo6YWglnhH2tSfD07muz5xargophMzrN7VohfqEHZZHzw05(RZrbdoboPlwzymibq2WXRSpcvJq0SkDargophMzrZFfzfPqJhrfu0YO(s8bKx48CyMfn)57kIJJL6B0ONs6GLkOOLFG6JcgyGbhpCl5ZuyvIcoz0hOW9dR4WAcrztH3JYQefqbU)ZkmNMbiB4eMZ(if4(p8JuWIY3FyD23uQsjk4o6Jti)bK9dz4e8OrhoHvrJnBOr3IgBrJ10iuRkDrl4QUVOFYvyw0)PZIMA1(I2ruwvXnsJMXXmCvfT9viC6(iCw04Oxv19zlecneQyAdMnr7ikwv6uIEfrtJqTQ0fnTjAIkAJA1CFrtLk1fsOwn33cj827)Wpsbl6zCsRe4wQwrkUrecn6yd)SQvT0bkGbgaaUsage Information
An attempt at allowing High burst Dps with continued sustain throughout a fight.

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This macro contains 1 macro version. Diese Sequenz wurde aus GSE 2.4.06 exportiert.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Sternensog, Himmlische Ausrichtung

KeyPress: Mondkingestalt, Wiedergeburt

Main Sequence: Lunarschlag, Sternensog, Erinnerung an den Klartraum, Solarzorn

KeyRelease: Sternensog

Hi Dennis sprick.
I am going to trie out ur macro today.
is it nearly the same as the macro above or do you find it way different?
And do we have to add other dots or is this it?

Greetings from a small owl.