Bam™ BM macro for M+ (Best DPS)

Hey guys, after ‘hunting’ around for a good BM rotation macro, I have like many, found it difficult to find one I can run with and achieve consistently high DPS. So, i went and made this one, seems to work well for me. However, it does not include cooldowns such as Bestial Wrath of the Heart of Azeroth ability, this is because I have found that including them in the macro did not work well for me, I simply use them on CD. The macro does however start off with Aspect of the Wild, but again, use this on CD after the initial pull.

This has worked well for me running m+ on my hunter. I would welcome feedback and/or further recomendations.


Usage Information
BM macro by Bam™

Feel free to modify or change, i would welcome feedback.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.5.9.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Priority

Pre Macro: Aspect of the Wild

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence: Barbed Shot, Kill Command, Cobra Shot


thanks for the macro will have a look at it later when home from work

What MS are you using?

Hy mate, im running it at 70ms.

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excellent… u did it mate the perfect macro, i ran multiple tests and it is truly the best macro yet and i tested almost every macro up on this site for bm hunters.

5 min sim: 84.3k dps held 75k-100k dps throughout my tests

this is raidbots sim for target dummy 5 mins: Screenshot - 10eab5717bf2d472d942a87a39e766b1 - Gyazo

actual test:
kill command = 83
cobra shot = 117
barbed shot = 93 / uptime 99%

also in some tests it was lacking kill commands but not much it was in the range of 5-12 other than that it was amazing, and if u dont mind making or sending ur aoe one id be happy to test it out i can send u my ones if you’d like but ur st macro blew mine away and it was the best until u posted urs.

salute to you sir

That’s awesome dude, glad you like it. I’ll post a new topic with the AoE macro I use.

Please find the topic for my AoE macro here.

Bam™ AoE Macro

I will take a look at these tonight on a dummy. @Bam are you running a dod/pi build and whats your crit%. Curious because just looking from the outside, it looks like it may need more barbed and kill commands.

Either way tuvm for sharing.

Hey Clown5.0, Just to confirm, im not running a dod or pi build, my hunter is pretty low geared.

Crit Strike currently at 29%

Let me know how you get on with it on the dummies mate. I was getting very close to the raid bot sim for my hunter using this macro.

If you find adding some more barbed/kill commands improves your DPS please share :slight_smile:


I will, I currently run 3 dod/ 3 pi and unbuffed 59% so barbed and kill command pops up a lot for me.

I currently run @Asbobunny macro which I modified quite a bit. A quick sim on target dummy with zero buffs is 83k. When i get in game later tonight ill test this out.

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I would like your modification! 83k unbuffed?

Hi, i am new to this. when you say 70ms what does that mean?

you do know that Raidbot sims are not testing the macro correct?..and at 475 ilvl you should be getting WAAAYYYY higher Quicksims on a test dummy

i don’t see the macro

GSE: Gnome Sequencer Enhanc… - Addons - World of Warcraft - CurseForge

You will need that addon and there will be an import button
in the OP, there is a line of text that looks like gibberish, that is the ‘import string’, copy that and import it into the addon :slight_smile:

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