Bam™ - Frost DK [GSE3] One Button Blast - UPDATED FOR GSE3 - 08-JUL-2021


Hey guys, another update for GSE 3 my Frost DK macro, please offer any suggestions or feedback on the forums, this always helps me to better develop macros.


Usage Information

-= Bam’s Frost DK Macro UPDATED FOR GSE3 08-JUL-2021 =-

  • Obliteration Build
  • Covenant Venthyr - Covenant ability can be changed in main macro sequence. If not Venthyr change or remove Swarming Mist from the main sequence.

Talents: 1121212

This macro aims to use Remourseless Winter on cooldown for Gathering Storm talent.

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.0.22-1-g2644d21.


Where in the macro could I add Death strike? Before the loop?

Yeah you could put it anywhere really, I’d try it outside of the main loop first and see how you get on.


how is the dps with this setup i am useing it but i am also only 52 and i still enjoy it so far ty

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@mayhem1228 thank you dude :blue_heart: - DPS was always good for me, but ive just switched to Blood as MS as the guild needed a tank, so i haven’t actually used it much since 9.1 dropped.

Looking at this in GSE and there is a spell 311648 any ideas what this? Other than that this works great BAM!

Hey, Bam, just a heads up, and I’m not sure if this is not solely GSE-related and not your macro, but whenever I have Frost macros, GSE has been replacing Howling Blast with Rune Strike, which doesn’t exist for Frost. Even when I change it manually to Howling Blast and save, it changes it back. Uncertain if this is something you observed recently or not. Thanks!

Edit: So in testing, it appears that Rune Strike remains the cast equivalent of Howling Blast; I’m just uncertain why the name is changed. The ability functions as normal though.

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Hi Bam

What ms are you running the macro at ? :slight_smile:


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Hey Jimmy, currently running at 100ms mate.

got quick question @Bam. are you using 2 1h weapons or just a 2h weapon?

Hey dude, i prefer to use 2x 1h weapons, but i don’t think that there is much difference realistically.

yeah, way i think. just was something that popped in my mind and thought i would ask.

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Swarming Mist Number is Spell ID

WHY would you go Venthyr for a DK of any spec? Necrolord period. Period. And I don’t know how to change the convenant in the macro. Yeah I’m old, and some stuff that is easy for you is not for me. lol


Covenant choice is based on my main spec, which is Blood. Necrolords may be considered the best for Frost, but as a main spec Blood DK, I choose Venthyr. Why you ask, for any spec… well…

Why would you not choose Venthry as covenant when you’re mostly running Myhtic+ ?

With regards to changing the covenant ability, open the edit screen, and either remove or edit the block you dont want.


I do NOT raid, I only PVP. I guess I should have been more specific. Necrolord is considered by every “expert” resource out there to be best for all DK specs for PVP. I get the mythic perspective. Thank you for such a quick reply!

Ahh, and there is the difference, I almost exclusively play PvE content.

Help me understand why Death Strike isnt in there? Does it mess up the flow? I dont even know how to add it myself. I dont see how its one-button if you dont have death strike. Cant live without it. Help me use this one, I like the idea of One-Button since I have a broken finger right now.

cast sequence maybe .

it wouldnt be such a big deal to me except when I am solo out questing, I tend to pull ALL THE MOBS onto myself because I am impatient. If I am collecting an item off the mobs, I pull them all. So I gotta death strike haha. My hand hurts when I play so I am hoping to find a good macro until it heals.

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