Macros for GSE3

Hey guys, I have compiled a list of my updated macros which I have been using with the new GSE3. I will try to update this list as and when I update / add new macros.

Please feel free to leave any feedback or suggestions and requests below!

Guardian Druid
Bam™ - Guardian Druid [GSE3] UPDATED 08-JUL-2021

Bam Pally D
Protection Paladin
Bam™ - Prot [GSE3] One Button Tank Smash - UPDATED FOR GSE3

Bam Pally
Retribution Paladin
Bam™ - Ret Paladin [GSE3] One Button - UPDATED FOR GSE3

Frost Death Knight
Bam™ - Frost DK [GSE3] One Button Blast - UPDATED FOR GSE3 - 08-JUL-2021

BAM Hunter
Blood Death Knight
Bam™ - Blood DK [GSE3] Tank and Spank! - UPDATED FOR GSE3 08-JUL-2021

Beast Mastery Hunter
Bam™ - BM Hunter [GSE3] UPATED FOR GSE3 - 08-JUL-2021

Bam DH
Vengeance Demon Hunter
Bam™ - Vengeance [GSE3] - One Button Tank & Spank - UPDATED FOR GSE3 08-JUL-2021

Havoc Demon Hunter
Bam™ - Havoc DH [GSE3] UPDATED 08-JUL-2021

Shadow Priest
Bam™ - Shadow [GSE3] One Button Shadow Spank Updated! 07/07/2021

Elemental Shaman
Bam™ Elemental [GSE3] One Button - UPDATED 08-JUL-2021

Holy Paladin
Bam™ - Holy Paladin [GSE3] One Button with Mouseover heals

Outlaw Rogue
Bam™ [GSE3] Outlaw Rogue - One Button

Destruction Warlock
Bam™ - One Button Destruction Warlock [GSE3] - UPDATED 17-SEP-2021


did you go on vacation do do all this. lol jk cant wait to try them all.

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Hey the do u also have a Discord or something and thanks for the perfect macro’s

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If you scroll to the bottom and on the right side is the “Join Server” button.

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yea i know that discord but i mean from the creator

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I thought you had a F War here somewhere!?!?!?!?


Hey dude, actually… i am on annual leave this week! :joy:

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hey @Stephen_Sp I did have a Fury Warrior macro. However, this was BfA. I haven’t played it much at all in SL, which is why I haven’t updated it as yet.

Hey dude, I am on discord. Feel free to add me - Bam#3018 - I don’t have a dedicated server for macros. However, they’re all availible on here.

Hi Bam

I want to hear if you can make a Demonology Warlock macro (no mods)?


Hey Jimmy,

I don’t play warlock im afraid.

Your fury was a fuckin damn beast in bfa.
I wish u could make a fury macro for sl.

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@christian-schroder thank you dude! I am working on levelleing my warrior, so watch this space!

Unfortunatley since 9.1 dropped theres so much new content to get through its slowing me down :wink:


Hello BAM sorry to ask you but was it not you who made a Lazy macro called BIGDAMAGE for Destruction i cant find it anymore and that is sad :frowning:

Hey @wike That’s not one of my macro’s buddy. Sorry i cant help. All of mine start with BAM_ which makes them easier to identify xD


Any chance your making a ench shammy macro?
love ya work so far, firs time using something like this
keep up the great work

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Hey @DirtyDog I may give it at try at some point. For now, I main resto, and quest using this ele macro.

Really appreciate all the work you have put in on these. I saw you mentioned you play resto shammy. Do you have any tips on playing a resto shammy? Again thank you for the macros

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Hey @jba1980 I’ve just started playing warlock again, and have made a one button destruction macro!


Hey @Jonny_B . Yes, I love resto shammy. Would be happy to talk to you about it. I’ve made some custom weak auras to track my cooldowns. I’m necro covenant. Feel free to send me a private message and I can talk you though how I use the legendary etc.


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