BEASTMODE (GSE3 PvE 9.2 M+/Raid Venthyr)

:grey_exclamation: Disclaimer! These GSE3 macros were created for my character and its current stats. I constantly tweak them to fit my play style and I encourage you to do the same. I will not tailor my macros for anyone but myself. Please note credits below.

6e8n4m Sooo… I switched to Venthyr…

2022-04-28: REWRITTEN MACROS! After a lot of trial and error, testing other macros provided on this platform I’ve managed to create something new I would love to share with you all. I now have my 4 tier pieces which plays a big role in these new macros - so keep that in mind.

Here are some (old) testing with the ST and AOE on training dummies, without any manual assistance (more on that later):


5 minutes @ 50MS



5 minutes @ 50MS


:bangbang: I run a AHK script @ 50MS for my macros. Please note that Blizzard might now like player going below 250MS so do it at your own risk.

:grey_question: What do you mean with manual assistance?
No macro is perfect - it isn’t a full automation and sometimes it needs a helping hand so you don’t lose precious DPS. I highly recommend having both Barbed Shot and Kill Shot out on your bars so you can save your stacks or procs when the macro can’t.

BEASTMODE, by niiveus (now a Venthyr!)

  • Automatically uses Call Pet 1 on KeyPress
  • Automatically removes Aspect of the Turtle
  • Pet(s) automatically attacks your target on KeyPress
  • Spells that are in the macros:
    • Kill Command
    • Barbed Shot (Disabled by default)
    • Kill Shot
    • Flayed Shot
    • Bestial Wrath
    • Aspect of the Wild
    • Cobra Shot
    • Multi-Shot
    • Misdirection (WeakAura, SmartMisdirect. See note below)


Note: Barbed Shot diabled by default.


Talents: 21X2X11


Note: Barbed Shot diabled by default.


Talents: 21X2X11


:bulb: SmartMisdirect
I use SmartMisdirect in my macros to automatically Misdirect on my pet in solo content and on tanks in group content. I highly recommend using it, but if not simply remove the /click SmartMisdirect from the KeyPress variables.

:bulb: Afenar’s UI for Hunters
This is a great WeakAura to use together with GSE3 for BM hunters, because it shows if its possible to refresh your Frenzy stack(s) or not. This is a great indicated for when you might need to do some manual assistance.


This wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t the other amazing creators on this platform. A big shout out to Curliuni’s Demon Hunter macro for first inspiring me and to Elfyau’s BM Hunter macro for its genius construction. I highly recommend theirs if mine doesn’t suit you and show them all the support!


I have tested it with 250ms and as you said it didnt work so good for me. I did try it at 50 ms and it was really good but i will not risk anything :slight_smile:
But that WeakAura SmartMisdirect i will steal and put into my macro. Damn that was very nice one and works perfect.
Best Regards



Yeah, I think the priority list is too much for 250MS; but happy to hear that you found something good out of it! :smiling_face:

Best regards!

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Good job fam! I haven’t personally looked into the structure of the macro nor have I tried it yet, but the numbers looks super nice! Also really good description of everything, pictures and all, very informative!
Also thanks for the shoutout! I’m very happy that I got to inspire you to make this, it’s really fun to mess around with once you get a hang of it!

If you got any questions just lmk fam!

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Thanks @Curliuni! :grin: I use your macro on my Demon Hunter, which inspired me to create this one since yours worked to well. I keep fine tuning the macro, currently I have way to much haste it can fire one too many Cobra Shots. But I’m happy with the progress so far!

Glad you enjoyed the post and hope you get to try it! I’ll be sure to hit you up if I need brainpower. :sweat_smile:

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I’m really happy you liked it and got inspired to make your own macros, it’s really fun to make and I would say everyone who likes a challenge should try it out too!
Oh yeah I kept fine tuning the dh macro too like 150 times over several months to get to the structure I basically use for every macro I create now haha, so you will prob fine tune it more! Be aware of every patch, sometimes they fuck up the macros like they did with dhs :stuck_out_tongue: You will have a lot of fun with creating macros now when you know how it works!
Yeah the haste is something you gotta consider on some classes, put in more spam-spender-abilities and most likely your dps will increase, but don’t put too many since it might fuck up the rotation :smile:

Once I get another laptop to play on I will try it out! I have never played a hunter so I don’t have any experience in making a hunter macro but I will try my best to help you if you need help :smiley:

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I don’t know if this was a comment on the right thread - but if it was thank you! :sweat_smile:

Regardless, if you want to macro so that Hunter’s Mark is used on KeyPress I would add it like this:
/castsequence reset=target Hunter’s Mark, null

It should work, and would apply Hunter’s Mark every time you swap target, so no need for reset=combat. If you’re leveling your hunter and don’t have the Hunter’s Mark spell yet, this won’t work though.

On an other note I don’t recommend having /targetenemy in a range DPS macro, since if you’re running M+ for example the risk of doing an accidental pull is very high. Just something to think about.

Best regards!

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@ niiveus just thought id post results of your macro


5 min TEST @ 270 iLVL - 50ms via corsair iQUE ( home: 18 / world: 18 )
36% crit - 25% haste - 25% mastery - 10% verse - NO BUFFS
optical target embiggener scope - crit proc / 278 weapon
2-1-2-2-2-1-2 dreamweaver - renown 80
Spiritual attunement / one with the beast / ferocious appetite all @ 265
Aspect of the wild firing in the macro as due to conduits giving CDR it longer lines up with wild spirits
Orc racial macro’d ingame with wild spirits
265 First sigil / 272 Overcharged anima battery - double on use
Starting with 2 x barbed shots then into macro

  50ms Final DPS: 7.5k - capped focus ALOT


Changed the second Kill shot to a cobra shot in macro and ran again - eliminated the focus capping

   50ms Final DPS: 8.4k +1 cobra shot


Ran another at this ms and just dumped cds on pull then into macro

   50ms Final DPS: 8.6K +1 cobra shot

ingame macro used is

/cast [@focus,help][help][@pet,exists] Misdirection
/cast aspect of the wild
/cast blood fury
/use 13
/use 14
/cast bestial wrath < only thing here on the GCD

i ran various other ms in 5 minute blocks also (all using the 1 extra cobra shot)

At ALL ms timings I tested there were instances of frenzy stacks dropping.
This will only be avoided if you control it manually

8.4k @ 100ms
8.6k @ 150ms
8.4k @ 200ms - skips over bestial wrath a fair bit
8.3k @ 250ms - skips over bestial wrath a fair bit

these figures are specifically mine and wouldn’t replicate to others as all characters are unique in stats etc… just thought i would share as i was bored :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow! :star_struck: Thanks for that rigorous testing, hope it cured the boredom for the moment at least! :sweat_smile:

Were you 4/4 tier pieces at the moment of testing? I don’t usually find myself capping but that might be because I have way to much haste at the moment (trying to flip it to crit). Interesting to see that it could work with higher MS in case some users experiences lag at lower. Can I update my post with your numbers for the MS? I’ll credit your comment, of course. :wink:

Pretty sure with a little bit of easy tuning you can get more out of BW to overtake the top two other results and used at a safer speed as well.

yep i have 4 set, which is the reason i’m using ferocious appetite conduit and killer cobra talent as they now sim higher for me

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i have yet to tinker with it besides adding that one cobra shot, but i think your right with bw firing on cd should see a decent number with a safer ms

this is true, Killer Cobra is siming higher for me as well

I’m not sure this is importing right for me, there are a ton of Kill commands and a ton of kill shots???

Can they still be tweaked to play with NF? I’m in no mood to go through all that to max another covent even with catchups lol

you can buy an item next tothe flight master in orbos that will grant 40 renown

I think it would still work. :thinking: For Night Fae I would take out Flayed Shot from both ST and AOE as well remove the KeyRelease variable which contains Aspect of the Wild since it synergies best with Wild Spirits and combined them in a separate Blizz macro. Like this:

#showtooltip Wild Spirits
/castsequence [@cursor] reset=15 Wild Spirits, Aspect of the Wild

Still have to go through all the other stuff for the last 40 lvls no thanks

Okay cool, thanks. I already have a mod I use I add in my macros for wild spirts on the alt keybind.

those 40 lvl’s goes quick out in ZM