Best I've Used yet. (PHARMACIST BASE with Modifications)

Full credit to Pharmacist1 for the base of this macro.
Talent choices I am using currently are 1223211

Make a simple macro(non GSE)
Shift Modifier is to use the aoe macro so hold shift when there is 3+ mobs(preferably with Rapid Reload trait if in M+ for Profit) You must import both macros for the aoe modifier to work and both must have a macro generated. If when you type /gs it still has the spellbook icon on either macro then you have NOT done it correctly.

Logs for source data i.e. Is it actually good, how does it perform.

Results for Mythic Difficulty of DazarAlor as of 6/7/19
Champion of the Light 95
Jadefire Masters 90
Grong 97
Opulence 85
Conclave of the Chosen 96
King Rastakhan 92
Mekkatorque 67
Stormwall Blockade 95
Lady Jaina Proudmoore 78

How do you connect the two macros cus your mod Shift in the main macro just fires multi shot?

Uploaded an old version this one should be good now just updated.

Thank you will test it tonight. Keep up the good work m8te.

Will also give this a test tonight!

So import both macros as you would normally, Place them both on your bars?

One thing I notice with alot of macros is that crows never seems to fire instantly when it’s off cool down, has anyone else noticed or had this issue?

Example, kill a mob in a mythic +, it’s dies before the duration so the cooldown is reset, instead of instantly being applied to the next target you start attacking there always seems to be a delay. It’s arguably only 5 seconds or so.

Is there anything that can be done to try make it fire off more? Could you add it into the cast sequence would that work?


Unfortunately gse no longer works as well as before until legion, the blizzard to changed several things in the lua and macro.
and in fact today CDs can no longer be put in keypress . spell are never used instantly outside coldow and often rotations with castsequence are wrong.
as you say you flock of crows as well as the other spells are also used with 5 -6 seconds delay. for example I use both aspect of wild and I beat lwrath manually while for barbed shot my personal macro performs it discreetly.

That’s absolutely fine! Over a two hour gaming session I’m sure even with the delays it would still out perform me doing it manually, forgetting to mention the fact I can focus more on the things that matter!

I also have a simple macro that just has AMOC, Bestial Wrath and Aspect of the wild that I can spam while spamming my main macro to ensure they go off faster.

/cast A murder of crows
/cast Bestial Wrath
/cast Aspect of the wild

no gse needed for that one.

hi if I change the mod key from shift to ctrl will aoe macro still work

Yes should work fine, just make sure your ctrl key isn’t bound to anything.

ok thanks for the reply ill have a look later when I get home

How could I change the mod key to use the number 2 key? Not the number 2 on the number pad.

Why is there 2 of the main macro but it is set up to only use 1 in all situations?

You can’t chose to play in 1 or 2 yourself. It only depends of situation: pve, raid, dungeon, arena…

Check this setting on 1st page of the macro.
You can change what you want in the number you want.

Which one is for pvp and which one is for pve?

LOVE this macro, highest sustained DPS of any of the hunter macros’s I have tried, I like the early burst and the delay casting some abilities to keep DPS high. The one issue and man I am at a loss, is WHY do I lose sound when using the AOE macro? It works fine and I do indeed go into AOE mode (would like to see barrage included it’s a massive AOE rush) but I am constantly messing with the sound on my machine using this macro, any ideas? And thanks for the great job.

default for turning in game sound on and off is Ctrl-S so if you are using Ctrl as a modifier and S as a movement key you could possibly be turning your in game sound on and off, when using modifiers you want to make sure you dont have any other key-binds that are also using the modifier

I’m trying it out now. It seems to keep casting “call pet” because I hear the whistle over and over. Which line to delete for this?

I believe it’s the line:
/cast Wake Up
in the Pre Macro section.

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burx wrote:
I’m trying it out now. It seems to keep casting “call pet” because I hear the whistle over and over. Which line to delete for this?
I believe it’s the line: /cast Wake Up in the Pre Macro section.[/quote]OK, It was in the AOE macro, removed it!