BFA (AFF) Beta Macro's.....

I realize it’s beta right now and things are going to change constantly…
(There is a thread right now on the forum: gse-and-bfa)

So I am not saying making a end all, be all macro by no means. And people are more than welcome to chime in. (And by chime in, I mean either help out by making your own and sharing with us.)

I figured I would just get the ball rolling here and we try and come up with something that works for now.

I took a Macro from here. So credit to the original poster: antorus-the-burning-throne-ready/

I have been using this macro for quite awhile now on live and does really well for me…

All I done was just took off what is no longer in the game. (As of this post.) and come up with this:

/castsequence [nochanneling] reset=target/10 Agony, Corruption
/cast [combat,nochanneling] Unstable Affliction

I can’t seem to get Shadowbolt nor Deathbolt to cast off. So, I just took “Shadow Embrace” so when SB procs off? I just hit SB on button 2. (Macro is on button 1.)

I am sure there is probably something in Keypress I could place in, Or even add to this existing macro.

Again, This post is just solely for the purpose of getting the ball rolling. :slight_smile:

I just got into the beta myself. Did you have to load the addons manually or is there a different way?

Yeah, They are a few addons right now that will work. (DBM, ELVUI, Details, Etc.)

No, Same way as before. Same location with putting addons in.

can u post what macro u r using

I’ve done so here:

ok ty