BFA - Outlaw - Bhaal Lord of Murder Build


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This is a ‘Slice-N-Dice’ build. It fires off slice-n-dice all the time. You will always have a high haste as well as high energy regen (both of which is sorely needed with rogues)

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This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.3.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

KeyPress: Contains various utility functions.

Main Sequence:

Stab, Stab, Kill, Kill, rinse - repeat


15 - Weaponmaster - More sinister strike? yes please
30 - Acrobatic Strikes / Hit and Run (totally up to you doesn’t really change dps)
45 - Vigor - It’s kinda a gimme
60 - Iron Stomach - I chug Crimson Vial like its cool
75 - Prey on the Weak - Opener for mobs to make em hurt
90 - Slice and Dice - Faster attack speed constantly better than RNG procs IMO
100 - Killing Spree - Used in conjunction with Blade Flurry this is your opener/burst (PvE/PvP-whatever)

I know I have Slice and Dice listed as my lvl 90 talent and some of you see “Roll the Bones” when importing. It doesn’t matter !! According to TimothyLuke:

Slice n Dice as a talent replaces Roll the Bones. In a macro however if you go /cast Roll the Bones and you have the talent for SnD, it will cast SnD. If however you put SnD in your macro and you change talents and you no longer have SnD, your macro will hang. GSE replaces talented abilities like SnD with their base ability. If you see #406 this change is exactly what is expected. It’s not changing Sinister Strike but Slice N Dice. This is working exactly as it is supposed to. TimothyLuke

One [mod] (only because I STILL cant get shift/ctrl mods to work)

[mod] ::: alt ::: Pops Blade Flurry :: Killing Spree :: Adrenaline Rush :: Blood Fury (In that order)

Things to consider:

[Pistol Shot] - Keep on separate key. Sometimes … just sometimes (I think after so many ‘misses’ in a row) the macro hangs. One pistol shot for some reason clears up hang and keeps the macro going.

Keep [Riposte] on a key because when your in a big group (because tanks LOVE to get a big group going to prove just how tanky they are) and pop [Blade Flurry] you WILL pull AGGRO off him. And you WILL start to die very fast. Just a warning


The Videos - Proof is in da puddin’

Mythic Freehold


Freehold - one day I will get that trinket!

(Temple of Sethraliss - Just look at the DPS/DMG meters!! ) - OLD -

(simple questing around) - OLD -

(pre BFA) - OLD -

(pre BFA) - OLD -

edited … noob here don’t mind the mess

How fast are you firing?

I’ll run it on some dungeons here in a few.

um my razer naga is firing .05 … dunno what that equates to what everyone here uses

.05 is 50 seconds.


I’ll test it in some dungeons after I’m finished editing this guardian macro and let you know.

Ran Arcway

2.1K on the low end
2.5K average sustained
3K with Adrenaline Rush active
7K burst

My sim - 3.4K

so … bad good meh ?


Could be improved a little but my haste is also really low for outlaw right now, so…

It’s the only 1 button macro right now and it’s doing just as good - if not better - as the others.


Just checked your updated version, I’d recommend adding tricks of the trade back into the default raid profile as it’s too beneficial not to have it.

I added it back into it once I updated to the new macro, but you’ll want it in the OP.

Got it nevermind "P

How do I use this sequence in GSE, it used to be that we would copy and paste the macro and edit it easily not sure what to do with this or how to copy it into GSE

This is what is confusing me…

You got it right Tim?

Copy that whole string and just ‘import’ it into GSE … then create icon … drag onto bar and voila!

You have an exclamation mark in your code that breaks the macro. During the Reset Phase.

@Robert … hopefully that’s it . gonna test and retest and more test

wow now today its not even firing at all no matter what I do

Seems to be a trend after the new GSE update.

Try deleting it from your list and re-importing it.

even after deletion and re-importing it kept freezing . testing it out and watching what was holding it up … it seemed that it was trying to fire off Between the Eyes … but it wasn’t on cool-down and wouldn’t just skip it…

so in the castsequence portion I just added another sinister strike (x3) with a dispatch at the end … that gave enough time for the Between the Eyes to become available …

but why wouldn’t it skip Between the Eyes ??

adding in roll the bones instead of slice and dice as well as taking out blade charge for the killing spree upp’ed the dps as well as giving a nice boost to the opener .will post changes soon

Not bad, but a bit buggy.

I found you have an ! Mark before a slice and dice, and the last string has 6 combo makers. Seems like a bit much before an execute. Maybe break it into a further 2.

Keep it up.

New version up. Removed Between the Eyes - kept hanging the macro in the /castsequence - just wouldn’t go past it

Removed extra combo builders for better execution (lol didn’t even see or know that Pistol Shot gives 1-combo point!) thanks urzulus

Much cleaner and more deeps