This no longer works I don’t think - reading Reddit and other sites - it seems like the variable was removed?

I can get it to show me a return by using:

/dump GetCVar(“SpellQueueWindow”) - but it doesn’t give me a value. Except [1] which I assume means it’s on?

but after that… I don’t know if it’s changed to any command that I have changed it to?

Its just a fact that someone with ilvl 443 is doing 31 k and myself with 454 now is doing
30 k, thats wrong, and im trying to find out what it is.
Hell even the pala healer with lower gear on seth 10 was doing more dps then me.

Tried setting spellque but gives me a :
so i guess this does nothing?

Did set the " SET SpellQueueWindow " in, am not getting an error ingame but still dont know if it does something.

@luc-snijders - nice edit :slight_smile: whats your characters name lets SIM it and see what you should be pulling at the training dummy

I have no clue what setting spellque is ?

What is that ? Is that AHK or something ?

the wowpedia is above, getting an error seems to me the variable has been removed or made locked.

edited indeed, the tone was not right, but it gets me frustrated. Again a char i like to play and getting geared
finding out it does less then way lower geared people in whatever enviroment. I play all chars and try to lazymacro on all, just cba pressing buttons anymore after all those years.

where do you see those ? are you looking at the debug of GSE or something?

and yes it is quite fustrating lets get you though it and back to enjoying the game

60 default is gonna basicly almsot be the same as 400 i would recommend 100+ ur current latency and abit more for me ingame MS is 25 meaning i would have it at 125 but instead i have it around 130 ish


got a few nice new drops. Still 456 and 29 something k dps 5 min dummy.


sim’d almost 45 k dps.

The only thing i see wrong with sim and own is the use of potion and 4 x use of focused az beam. Just used it once on last min.



Using droptimizer on raidbot now to find upgrades and seems that one of trinkets is pure shizzle, still that upgrade wont account for lets say like 5 k minimum dps loss.

Was flasked and maximum food buffed ( 360agi- 93 vers ) when doing test.

weird i cant look your character up : nvm found ya

edit: nvm

ya no buffs or pots you SIM at 37.5k

edit: hold for further verification (forgot to put in auto META)

I dunno … My SIM with this macro got ~ 84% … not bad

How do I stop the macro from interrupting my own eyebeam? it casts it then instantly does other things.

I see the macro has Notchanneling or w/e on everything but it still interrupts it. I am using 20ms delay on mouse macro.

You have an on use trinket being activated and its canceling your eye beam early or you are using a heart essence that is doing the same thing; you can turn your trinket use off in GSE by on the right hand side of the panel while viewing pacmans macro. Then add /use [nochanneling] 13 or 14 to the sequence to still have your trinket used for you

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Disabled trinket use, even tho it wasn’t using any trinkets, the macro to use the trinkets was cancelling it. weird. Thank you!

There is a hard use setting which on my UI makes the marker box yellow, then there seems to be a “soft” use setting which will trigger its use less it’s marker box is grey and when it is off the marker box is black, to me anyway thats how it looks using evlui :man_shrugging: glad I helped :slight_smile:

Yeah, I turned them off completely. the tooltip explained the grey color. Thanks again.

had a few nice drops. also trinket dropped today after 15 td runs -.-

versatility went up to 17% with 18% crit / 14 % haste and 43 % mastery.

Last td damage meter ( deduct 9 mil damage from canon shooting )
But still first by far.And thats how it goes in any dungeon now.


So i think the versatility was the problem

edit : dummy test 5 min. 31.5 k





Seems a bit low, analyzing the macro and sim in the morning.

Hello, is there a new macro in version 8.3? Thank you

im about done with updates to dh tanking macro i will start working on the changes to havoc macro tmw its not much i was gonna change just a few things to make it work more efficiently its just me doing trial and error about 40times xD


Nice :+1: can’t wait to see the out come of the havoc remake

Would someone please post the latest Version of this macro? Appreciate it )

Op is what I’ve been still using and still going good , unless blade got an update I’d just stick with the top post .