BM Raid + Concentrated Flame !UPDATED! uses any essences and fires more barbed shots

I take NO credit for this macro all the credit is given to Sekh!!! with modifications done to help me and my play style. It uses Concentrated Flame and I manually use multi-shot and my orc racial.


I’ll give this a try, but I’d have to tweak it it to my build. I don’t have the gear to run the “Dance of Death” build ie: using one with the pack and 2 or 3 Dance of Death Azurite talents ,so I’ll need Chimaera Shot, and I use A Murder of Crows as Thrill of the Hunt is more of an AOE talent and I am doing single target damage.
How would I weave those 2 talents in? I am using Concentrated Flame, just got it to lvl 3 last night so now I can actually use it. How do you get Concentrated Flame to go off? Manually or does it proc in the macro?

It casts concentrated flame for you. I’m also setup for single target. I mostly Pvp using this macro as well as mythic + and raiding. It does just about everything except auto target I’ve used this macro since the beginning of Bfa with no issues. If you’re using one with the pack I’m pretty sure you won’t need to do anything since it’s a passive. My current talents are 1323311

My bad I meant Condensed Life-Force not concentrated flame.

No worries. I would go into the macro and remove Concentrated Flame and replace it with Condensed Life-Force but that might be one of those spells where you want to keep it separate from the macro and use it when you need too.


I have used your macro in HC raid for 6/8 bosses today and i have had very nice results.
Thank you very much ;O)

I agree on the CLForce, it’s on a 3 min cooldown, you don’t want to blow that off 1 pack before a boss, the Crucible of Flame is on 30 secs, that’s easy. I got CLF rank 2 today, an am considering doing a macro with for bossfights and one without for trash … hmmm is CLF so much better than the others?

P.S. We all remember Gween!

Just want to note that it seems I’m getting better results by going with “One with the Pack” over Chimaera Shot" according to raidbots it a slight dps increase for me so I’m going to roll with that for a bit

You get better results without chimera shot because you have more barbed shot going off in time to stack ferrocity. thats what made booty hunters macro so good. this one is also very good,

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Thanks Adam that explains it then. I thought it might have been a result of my gear.

I FOUND a weak auras that shows you your frenzy stack(s) and if it will be possible to refresh the stack with barbed shot or not, ill post it when i find it again. thats how i discovered it, its a bar, with a count down, frustrating if its red (meaning can be refreshed), but the macro shoots a chimera shot or some other ability and the stacks drop off. there is ONE BM macro on here that keeps barbed shot apart from manual. By cheesing the macro a biit, clicking/spamming barbed shot got dps on dummy up from 26 to 29 . frenzy stack is our version of classics “clipped rotation”

Updated Orignal post added few more Barbed Shot to the macro. Hope yall enjoy the macro as much as I have.

working even better, ill link the weakaura i use to watch Ferocity stacks as soon as i can find it again. Or it Can be found by following the links starting on Bootys page (its a standalone, not one of those confusing cluttered “all in ones”) . I’m getting steady 2’s and 3’s with this now, with kill command still going off just about off cooldown.

Im working on combining EVERYONES bm GSE macros , taking a little from the Pharmacist, The Quality of life and Spirit Beast touches from UBM, the adjustments you made , and Sekh’s great idea to use the fallt-thru languages (cast sequence Kill Command, Barbed Shot, etc)…

I had it to within 5% of my Simmed dps last night (subtracting buffs , potions and flasks), moving little things here and there, and to my great frustration my computer lost power and those changes are gone. If i can re receate it ill share it.

But until then, IMHO this ones the best for current content. The Aoe version Sekh made to go with the one you modified is about perfect, way better than anything else., you might want to revsit it. Tapping Multishot to keep up beast cleave is perfectly fine, but theres something special in it i havent figured out yet. I’m running these at around 170ms, gets completely different results at 50ms, so i suggest people try several different speeds.

you can add autotarget to the beggining if you want, but thats a hassle in mythic Plus, just swipe the first couple lines in the keypress section of Bootyhunters. Or use use a separate Targeting macro, something like /Assist Focus /Startattack /petattack /cast dash there are tons around (oh, have to set tank as focus first). Ive found clicking targets tends to get me in less trouble .

Can you tell im getting obsessive with the gse macros?

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No norries I’m always tinkering with the macro to make it as good as I can for me. I’ve used just about every bm macro on here and this was one was best imo and after fitting it to me and my joystick I think I’ve found the one I’m going to continue using.

what ms we rocking here

I have my ms set at 70ms but a couple of my friends just push the button as fast as they can.

Love your macro it works a real treat many thanks. is there any chance you can add pocket-size computation device trinket in the macro it channels cyclotronic blast for 2.1 secs does a ton of damage and is on a 2 min CD it’s the one from Mechagon thanks

pocket-size computation device trinket is a dps LOSS

you should set your MS to 10-15 ms over whatever your Home ms is currently at.

sorry i’m going to disagree with you

Actually it depends for me it was also a dps loss. But one of my guildies swears it increased hers.