BM Raiding - ST and AOE [High Performance]

Hello Everybody,

As promised, I created a high-performance BM Macro for everybody. Some notes are below

  • I included the Tar Trap and Flare combo, so if you have the Legendary or planning on getting this Legendary, I have included it for everybody on the ALT command. This has been fully tested and works.

  • Shift controls Wild Spirits, I plan on adding the other house abilities in the coming days.

  • This macro does not have misdirection in it, misdirection should be focused cast or manually cast on the tank in a raid or m+.

  • I did not include Claw, Bite, and other stuff into the KeyPress, when you do this, it’s a DPS loss. In 9.0 Blizzard changed the interactions on pets, details can be found on many websites regarding this.

  • I did not include Bloodshed, even though it’s the best ability on the line, it has issues currently with interesting targets. I have seen it to where my pets just stand there (with and without a macro).

  • The rotation is very simple, many authors here were overthinking the rotation, which caused issues. So far after testing, this is the only macro that gets over 2k DPS at 167 level.

  • MS: 80

  • Talents are from the recommendation from Icy Veins

Single Target





So far, this is hand’s down the most effective macro I’ve tried, it isn’t an all in one mash, which I generally dislike as I like to control more of the abilities myself. Very good job, thank you!

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Nice macro. I was just playing around with it on a training dummy and im getting around 2.2kdps over a 2min fight at 179ilvl. Im still kind of learning hunters so I could be wrong on this but I noticed on opening it immediately does bestial wrath before doing 2 barb shots which wastes that because of the talent scent of blood but i think that is probably just harder to time in a macro. The other thing I dont which could just be a ms thing for me but i noticed that theres about 5sec delay sometimes before it fires off kill command which I think to fix that just for myself I would need to add another kill command in the macro or change my ms?

I’ll give it a try. Seems good to have tar trap+flare and wild spirit on mods. As I can see there is nothing assigned on CTRL. Can you add multi shot on CTRL, if it is possible, or can you tell me how I do that. :slight_smile:

I would put this in the keyPress section. /cast [mod:ctrl] Multi-Shot
That will allow you to hold Control to fire off multishot but he does have it in a seperate aoe macro as well :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I am using ahk therefore I need all-in-one and prefer multi-shot on mod ctrl. Thank you I’ll add /cast [mod:ctrl] Multi-Shot in the keyPress section. :stuck_out_tongue:

Your welcome, I only make high-performance raiding and M+ macros. I don’t make AIOs because there usually is too much bloat with them.

Sadly, the BW has to be placed in the Pre and Post Macro sections. If you put it in the main sequence, the looping would have to be altered and might not fire correctly. In a raid boss, you should be able to get about 3-4 of BW per boss if not more in SL. I know in BFA on M+ I can get 2 per boss depending on the other DPS.

For KC, usually its because of focus. After one KC you should be around 45-50 focus, which is enough to put up a BS, and 2 CS before a reset. If you want to change it, maybe delete one of the CS in the macro (listed as Steady Shot) then you might be able to get another KC, but you might be out of focus.

I typically run at 80 MS, but I have run Warrior macros at 40 MS. I use a Corsair K57 Keyboard, so in my iCUE settings I have it set at 80 MS.

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I don’t use CTRL often, but you can do /cast [combat, mod:ctrl] Multi-Shot

how do i change wild spirits to resonating arrow?

the macro does not work for me “Macro unable to be imported”

Is multi not in the aoe macro ?

Would you recommend putting Blood Fury in the KeyPress section (for those looking to add it to the ST/AOE macros)?

It works try pasting it into Notepad first and then importing it into WoW.

Bloodfury, probably should go in the Pre and Post areas.

Typically longer CDs are done in the Pre/Post areas.

It is, he wanted a single button approach.

Where it says /cast [mod:shift] Wild Spirits change it where it says Wild Spirits to Resonating Arrow.

i don’t what tpo say but it’s ok but not perfect u didn’t add the Hunter’s Mark and it’s not reseting when i change target but anyway i already did it and add it
Note: Hunter’s Mark will incress DPS for BM

/castsequence [nochanneling,exists] reset=target Hunter’s Mark, null

And just how will it increase DPS?
Hunter’s Mark:
Apply Hunter’s Mark to the target, causing the target to always be seen and tracked by the Hunter.

I see zero mention of a DPS increase.

Even the Markman’s Advantage Soul Conduit (Hunter’s Mark decreases the damage the target deals to you by 3.0%) doesn’t even provide a DPS increase…

No clue where you’re getting your information from.

The old HM did increase damage, the new one for Shadowlands does not. It just marks it on the map. For all specs, Hunter’s Mark is useless.

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