Brewbi M+ and Raid op

This macro seems to preform well i will take all input i can get. Seems to fire perfect at 80ms keeping keg smash on the target for breath of fire. Fires blackout on CD and keep Ironskin up 100% with only a 1 sec overlap.
Feels Good
Also have Expel harm, Leg Sweep, and vivify on mod keys for on use actions.
Please enjoy my drunkin monk brothers

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This will always have keg smash on target for breath of fire.
Purifying brew is a manuel cast to use as needed to keep from wasting brews.
Ironskin has a 100% up time.
So start the macro and let her rip.

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.04.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Ironskin Brew

KeyPress: Expel Harm, Vivify, Leg Sweep

Main Sequence: Breath of Fire, Blackout Strike, Tiger Palm, Rushing Jade Wind, Keg Smash


do you happen to have an AHK timing for this or just the settings for your hardware MS?

I tested it last night and 50 worked for me. No overlapping at all it seems. Let me know how it works for you.

Is it me or does Ironskin sometimes not start with combat like the macro intends. also after ironskin expires it seems to take 2-3 secs to realize its not applied then recast it. idk this is just my findings

Still running the above macro at 80ms and still working like a champ in higher keys.

hey! thanks for this amcro ill try it out! qucik question how can you cast manually Purifying? its relationate with ironskin brew, so what i see in the macro, its casting with isb. thanks

Purifying just stick it on a different key and use as needed. did it this way to keep from wasting unneeded brews.

I used this macro last night in BoD I have to say i really like it thank you for the Macro.

I main tanked 5/9 on normal using it as it was a pug raid i was doing.

Held treat good and iron skin was never dropped.

it felt good and smooth to me thank you for creating this.

Just a FYI guys the above macro is still working like a champ

Your macro works lika a charme, thanks for this! Could u make a WW monk macro too pls?

FYI guys the above macro still preforming like a gangsta at 80ms.

Clared full hc EP using this thank you for a lovely macro

Just a heads up guys the above macros is still doing amazing in +15s and up. Hope yall enjoy. Link to my IO to show this macro has cleared higher keys with zero issues.

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Still good with 8.3?

What he means is that they share charges - so if the macro uses all ur charges on Ironskin - you don’t have any for Purifying - unless u stop, run away and press purifying. :slight_smile:

everything still holding strong in new raid and 8.3 continue enjoying the macro brewbis!

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while using this it spends all my chargers of ISB and dont leave any chargers for purfying brew is this suppose to happen? i am really squishy and can only take one or 2 mobs at a time,

im just coming back to my monk after about…4 years??? so i dont know if im missing something or not

@the-nutty-workshop you might have your ms too fast, because at 35 ms (for me) it renews ISB at 2-3 seconds overlap only so I always have 2-3 stack of brew to play around with…

you have to play around with the inner loop limit and your ms, spend alot of time on training dummy to get it right :slight_smile:

Reminder guys macro still holding like a champ

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