Brewmaster v. I'm a simple drunken master (v.1.6 - 01/27/23)

I normally tank strictly on my prot warrior, but love the mechanics of brewmaster as well. I’ve been crafting this macro for a while, and think it’s in a good spot. Please let me know how this works for you, and if I could improve it. As with my Warrior macros, I will strive to keep this updated and constantly improving. :slight_smile:

All major defensive cooldowns should be manually cast.

Current Version: 1.6




This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.28.

v. 1

v. 1.1

  • efficiency updates

v. 1.2

  • better usage of rotations for higher uptime on buffs and debuffs

v. 1.3

  • higher focus on uptime for blackout kick and tiger palm

v. 1.4

  • RJW should fire off first each pull now!

v. 1.6

  • Updated for!


cant wait to get home and try this.

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I will imediately try this. Thanks for the work in advance.

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So, damagewise it kicks. Next days I will test survivability in +15s. I do however feel uncomfortable playing withoug Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic. That’s what I am going to change.

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I’m open to any changes as I’m just getting into mythics on this character and don’t know Monks as well as I’d like to. If you could post a build you’d recommend and any changes, I’ll look into it tonight!

All good my friend, I love the work you did. Appreciate it. It is only a minor change. Especially in higher keys and heroic raids (we are 7/8) Brews need the extra help, maybe Diffuse will become obsolete with the coming changes to magic damage stagger (which is a 9% change all together).

I can work on a raid macro and a mythic macro for a tab1/2 deal. Just send me whatever build I should focus on and I’ll start working on it!

I’ll be trying this out for sure.

Had to make a few adjustments for personal preference but I really like this so far, just open world stuff, no mythics or anything, just wanted to say I LOVED your prot war build, my first toon through the new xpac was a highmountain prot war and your macro just carried, I was soloing great hunt bosses before I was geared, keep up the great work.


Cant wait to try this later tonight, as other have already said I greatly appreciate the time you put into your macro’s. Thank you so much!

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Can you please test this out a bit? I’m happier with the progress with this build and am looking for feedback before I move up in iterations. This might be v. 1.1 if it’s working as well for everyone as it is for me.


Usage Information

Shift: Spear Hand Strike
Alt: Purifying Brew
Ctrl: Ring of Peace

This macro contains 1 macro template. This Sequence was exported from GSE 3.1.27.

lol, well i like it. i do need to stop reading chat while testing it tho. the Tanking dungeon dummy killed me cuz i wasnt paying attention to my HP. dooes really good DPS (i know its not important in a tank lol).
i will update soon as i go find me a rare to pick on.

The DPS becomes more important in higher Mythic Keys. I learned that on my warrior these past few weeks!

just took it through Colbalt Assembly and was doing really good. very happy with htis macro.

Updated! Now with better uptime on all the things.

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How does it feel running BrM vs Prot (ofc course using macro). Originally BrM was my top choice this expansion, but if i recall correctly, it was nerfed to the point it was the worse performing tank, out of the choices we have. However with some of the changes coming i want to give it a shot again, not to mention the streamer who brought a BrM with green items in a +20 really peaked my interest. I dont have time to level my monk right now due to classes, just wanted to know your thoughts.

I’ve played Prot since 2005, so I may be biased but nothing feels as good as that. BrM feels bad, but I love the play style. It needs some serious attention.

Brew has the most action buttons to actively press in the game. It is based on priorities and not a rotation so it has a quite higher skill ceiling. You are the squishiest tank because we lost a lot of our selfhealing from Shadowlands, we have only minor mitigation for magic damage.
But the playstyle is by far one of the most interesting. ProtWarr is just a nasty immortal bulwark, if you dont mess up, you can hardly be killed in any content.

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Monk was my starter in shadowlands, i really loved the stagger mechanic, but sometimes you feel so helpless, it turned me away. Ill try to level my BrM in the next month, atleast ill have something to help test for future patches. I personally dont want to get stuck playing just one tank

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I feel you. I play ALL tanks. :smiley: