🧈 Buttered Survival - 9.1.5 - GSE3 -

How To Use:

  • make sure it calls the pet you actually want out, or just have that pet out before the macro kicks off
  • run it around 220+ MS
  • set focus on the Tank to auto cast Misdirection, otherwise macro casts on pet
  • Recast Serpent Sting (on shift mod) on single target fights
  • Ctrl to cast Kill Shot when target is under 20% health

The Build:

  • a ferocity pet to gain access to a pseudo lust in Primal Rage
  • gone Night Fae (because I’m too lazy to switch covenants)
  • crafted the Wildfire Bomb leggo
  • attempted to stack stats (In Order: Vers, Haste, Crit)
  • not included traps. They are situational and should be used individually
  • included Coordinated Assault and my racial in the macro itself. Take it out and throw it on a different keybind for more control


  • Very close to hitting my sim from raidbots
  • Bombs are going off consistently
  • Good uptime on Serpent Sting
  • Never caps on Focus


Time to butter some buns boys

9.1.5 Macro - GSE3


Macro Versions

  • Version 1 is for dungeons and world content
  • Version 2 is for raids
  • Version 3 is a work in progress for PVP

Updated to split single target and aoe to two different macros. Runs much better this way with a lot less effort


Pls. fix for Gsd3 ( your macro ist very nice )

Good to hear it was working for you, Oliver!
Should be all good to go again

damage skyrocketed when I replaced serpent sting with kill command in first key press slot, and made serpent sting a mod on alt, because the macro would often cast serpent sting non stop til i stopped the macro and tried again, but overall great macro. This is in regards to single target macro.

Honestly haven’t been on hunter too much lately, but its never fired just serpent sting for me. I’ll check this out and make changes later.
Even so, Serpent Sting on a mod is probably the way to go for single target anyway.
Appreciate the insight and heads up!

I’m having issues with all macros with survival, it will cast the first Shrapnel Bomb with the talent Wildfire Infusion, But after when the bomb changes to one of the others like Pheromone Bomb it doesn’t cast again. Puts a Question mark in the sequence… if I change the talent to say the passive Birds of Pray, and change in GSE to Wildfire Bomb it works with no other issues due to what i only imagine is that it doesn’t change the name of the cast.

I had the same issue and manually added:

/cast [nochanneling,exists] Pheromone Bomb

/cast [nochanneling,exists] Volatile Bomb

on two other lines below Shrapnel Bomb and that fixed it for me.

Hope that helps.

I haven’t had the same issue with shrapnel bomb, but I’ll definitely add this in and test it tonight along with the single target changes.
Thanks for the feedback, guys!

how did you get gse not to automatically change the name of the bomb?

man kann die Zauber ID verwenden an stelle des Zauber namens. so habe ich das geändert da ich das Problem mit der Instabilen Bombe hatte. habe so alle 3 Bomben untereinander Hinzugefügt. und klappt super .

All bombs seem to work now, and Serpent Sting is bound to a Ctrl Mod for the single target version.
Any other improvements/issues, just let me know!

Been trying to make it not use my trinkets but no matter what i do it still uses them.,

Open up GSE and then click on the options tab and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see some trinket options there. Hopefully, this will fix that issue for you.

@Butterbeard Hey! i really love this macro and i have it set to 70ms but i notice alot of the time the bombs dont go off as fast as i would like, they seem to get attempted to go of and it misses and sometimes i will notice 3 gcds worth before a bomb is dropped. works great otherwise!

I just started playing again a couple days ago, and I noticed the same thing. I’ll be reworking it to get more consistent bombs and to work at a higher MS (hopefully)

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thank you! For now it stil is quite amazingee, i can share some changes i did with it you may like to! Will PM ya

Updated 1/2/21
Back to a single macro since the only real difference is Carve in AOE
But its good to cast to lower the CD of Shrapnel bomb in any scenario

I’ll, hopefully, be working on a PVP version soon

Let me know how it works!
Butter those buns, boys!

all I can say is WoW - I looked up the highest surv hunter and tried to set everthing equip wise and your macro even with my ilvl being low I am almost getting to my BM DPS
Thanks SO MUCH

Glad to hear it’s working man!
Survival looks like it’s gonna be legit in 9.2, so I’m pumped!

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